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Sunday, November 29, 2015

On to Fiji Today


To much fun. We’re having too much fun for me to write, but write I must so I will try to get caught up over the next several days.




A photo of the clock beside the bed very early this morning. This was the time all the rest of the tour group was leaving the hotel for the airport. Linda and I weren’t leaving the hotel until after 10 AM, so this must have been a case of tour empathy on my part. Either that, or I am just plain weird. Weirdly Empathetic Bob.




This sign has been every hotel room we have stayed in. Linda also reads item (C) out loud, laughing when she comes to part about horses. I guess farm girls have their own sense of humor.




Waiting across the street from the hotel for the Airport Flyer Bus.




Where the Airport Flyer flew right past the stop with out even slowing down. I was told that if necessary I was to jump out in front of the next bus to get it stop. Luckily for me the next bus stopped when we and three other would be passengers waved our arms like crazy as he came around the corner. Non-flattened Bob.




At airport I noticed two gigantic eagles hanging from the ceiling that I hadn’t seen when we arrived a few days ago. Only this time I know what they are, and now I’ve got to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy simply because The Hobbit was totally awesome. It’s just that I don’t know whether to blame or thank Roger for this predicament.




South end of an eagle heading north. They are really huge and very life like.




We now know this be Gollum. Oh don’t we precious.




Leaving on a jet plane.




Leaving on a boat.



Navini, our home for the next two weeks.




Beachfront living, our bure is behind Linda. As we oohed and ahed over our good fortune, we realized it is tough living this way, but someone has to do it, and hopefully we are up it .

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  1. You read the Hobbit? Wasn't it great? The Lord of the Rings is just as good, if not better.