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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Windy Wellington Day


With the usual high winds predicted for Wellington today, Linda was busy battening down the laces before we headed out this morning. During the day no shoe laces were blown off, but as to her hair, that was another story.

Today being Friday in New Zealand, it was Thanksgiving Day Thursday back in the States. I couldn’t find a turkey to photograph, so this Christmas tree Linda saw will have to do.


Photo by Linda. Don’t ask because I don’t have a clue.


Even the Wellington sign on the hill above town alludes to the Windy Wellington.


Next it was a visit to Weta Cave. We had no clue what this was all about before we visited, and only slightly more after we left.


Oh my gosh! It attacked Linda. Run Linda, run!


Like the sign says: Enhance your cool with a Ray Gun. It’s a Manmelter 3600ZX, Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol. A bargain at only $999.00. I started to joke with Linda that she should buy one when the thought hit me, she might use it on me. Quiet Bob.


Those who know don’t ask. Those that ask don’t know. Clueless Bob.


Have I mentioned that Wellington is known as Windy Wellington.


When you have to brace yourself to take a photo you can bet it is windy.


Colleen demonstrating another way to brace yourself.

Have I mentioned how windy Wellington is?


A beautiful wooden church and the only one we visited during the OAT tour. Contrast that to the several churches a day typical of Rick Steves tours. No mutterings of ABC on an OAT tour. (ABC: Another Blasted Church).


It was a pretty cool pipe organ, and the organist was playing, making it even better. Also, while here one of the members of the tour group dropped his camera in the toilet, apparently proving that lack brains doesn’t prevent you from going on an OAT tour.


Another of those Linda photos.


Speaking of Linda, after a day of being buffeted by gale force winds, it was time for a little rest and relaxation.

A note about posts: We have had some very poor internet connections mixed with some long days so I got behind in my posts. Looking ahead we leave on Sunday for Fiji and we may have extremely limited internet while on our island. I will post if able, but it may be several weeks until I can post again. I will have a post for every day of the trip, at least that is my plan. Unless Fiji is so much fun I won’t have time write, that is. Befuddled Bob.

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