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Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Platypus and Echidna Day


Orange juice, Weetabix, pineapple, apricot, peach, plum and sautéed mushrooms made for an awesome breakfast.


Meanwhile across the table, Ms. Eat A Little, sure didn’t seem to be practicing what she preaches, though to her benefit she did at least have some sautéed mushrooms to go with that mass of gluttony.


In my never ending desire to fill in readers to all the ins and outs of travel in Australia, I leave no stone unturned to make sure no small detail is left out. Long term travel with a former Appalachian Hill Girl has its own challenges, take brushing your teeth for example. This morning as I picked up my RED handled toothbrush I noticed the bristles were wet.

Unfortunately for you readers I must leave out parts of the ensuing discussion to ensure brevity in this post. I did enquire of my dear wife if she had brushed her teeth and received an affirmative. I asked if she used her brush and received an affirmative. I asked what color her brush was and received an oops. I asked what color her coat was and she said purple. I asked her if she remembered why we had bought her a purple toothbrush and she said, don’t say another thing. I didn’t say anything else. Smart Bob.


Mini bus view to the front. Gordon is such an awesome driver Linda didn’t even take any motion sickness pills, and that is the highest compliment she can pay to a bus driver. Today was his last day driving us around and we shall miss his funny stories and awesome ability to always be on time, early actually, and greet us with a smile.


That’s Gordon standing by the door, he was always there when we got on or off the bus. They said we didn’t need to tip our bus drivers, but in this case we paid no attention, he truly deserved something extra.


Cataract Gorge from the swinging bridge. Hard to believe but Linda never even put a hand on the rails. Brave Linda.


Linda - Bob, go stand by those neat tree trunks so I can take a picture.
Bob – Linda, the trees are made of concrete.
Linda – Move closer to the tree.
Bob – I said, the trees are made of concrete.
Linda – Wonder where they found some many trees that look the same.
Bob – Shakes head.
Linda – There is wire in this tree. Hey, their made of concrete.
Bob – Smiles at Appalachian Hill Girl he married.

Monkey see, Monkey do. Then it was off to the platypus and echidna center to see and learn about these two very unusual animals.


A platypus nose feels just like our noses, its fur is silky soft and its tail is very course and wiry.


The echidna is anything but short and furry. Its other name, spiny anteater, says it all.


Things you never know unless you travel.

At least it gives you an idea of what a platypus looks like swimming in the water. The room with the platypuses was very dark and our photographic skills weren’t up to the task of capturing a decent image of them.


A real cutie.


Freeze dried abalone.  we were told that on a per pound basis in US dollars, it costs approximately $900.


An awesome traditional Aussie fish and chips lunch. Cost in US dollars, approximately $7.00. That’s our kind of meal.

More Aussie fun, and a great time was had by all.


Beautiful rhododendrons, beautiful woman, what’s not to love about Tassie.


Linda relaxing in the hotel bar with her first gin and tonic of the trip. Happy Linda.


We couldn’t leave Tassie without a bit of a pub crawl.


Mine is on the right. Linda took a sip and said, “it tastes like burnt tire.” That woman has no appreciation of a good ale.

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