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Friday, June 15, 2012

When it rains, it pours

It had been too hot in the afternoon and evening both days we have been in Lindsborg to visit the nearby town cemetery, but not this morning. Linda was specially drawn to this larger monument decorated with several brightly colored bouquets. Yes, they were artificial flowers, but that in no way detracted from the beauty of it.

Major rain last night, like in inches of rain. Major water this morning. This jack had sunk several inches into the ground.

Now this is a problem. It's never happened before, but it has now.

Use the coach jacks to raise the wheels, more boards and more boards.

When the best you can do just isn't good enough, there is always someone else who can do more. That's why we have Coach Net.

A slow steady pull with the winch and it wasn't long before we were on terra firma that was actually firm. It delayed us a few hours, and it confirmed our dislike of parking on grass sites. Other than that, it makes for a good story. C'est la vive.

50 miles and a world away from Lindsborg is Yoder, Kansas where we plan to stay for the next three nights with views like this out the front of coach. We're here because we changed plans slightly, taking to a tip from a reader, and with our dislike of big cities are now staying just south of Hutchinson. Tomorrow we will drive into Wichita and visit the World Treasures museum and spend some time in the old town area. Sunday we will tour the salt mine in Hutchinson, then it will be on to Oklahoma and a town that played a very big role in our former life, Bartlesville.

The end loop had broken off the strap on the window awning over the windows where I have my computer, and today we were parked in such a way that it would be nice to be able to use that awning. The strap turned out to be easy to remove, Linda sewed the broken loop back on the strap, I switched the strap on the passenger side window awning with the repaired one, and everything was as good as new. We will buy a new strap the next time we are near an RV place, but until then, it is working just as it should.

Just to let you know that we don't make the same mistake twice in a row, we are parked on a good solid gravel surface here in Yoder. To say the least it was an interesting day, but with the help we had from the folks at the RV park as we tried to extract ourselves from the mud, the ease with with we were pulled out and the pleasant surroundings of where we are now, made it memorable day instead of a stressful one. What more could we want out Life

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