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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Texas at last

Given another set of circumstances, this could be Linda, but thank goodness it is not. I can only wonder what conversations took place between husband and wife before they left home for the start of this trip. While she loaded the car with more plants than we thought it could hold, he was busy unhooking the sewer, water and electric. It looked to be a case of, if she wants to bring them, she can take of them. It reminded me that no matter how bad it is, (which it really isn't) some other husband has it far, far worse.

I always chuckle as we approach a state line because of the comments coming from the navigator's seat. It is a running count down of the miles as we get closer and closer, then on occasion she still misses the sign. Not today, and being the good person she thinks I can be at times, I slowed down as we approached it. It felt good to be back home in Texas, even if the thermometer was registering 101 at the time. Looking at the right way, it was still cool, since the high was predicted to be 104.

Driving on Hwy 59 we could see a vehicle in the distance traveling slower than the rest of the traffic. As we came closer we saw the reason, melons, lots of different kinds of melons. I could see Linda's mind working, plus she was licking her lips in anticipation of the good food we would be eating in the coming month. That woman sure does love her melons, and I sure like them too, and in more ways than one.

What can I say. While Linda stayed cool in the coach, I headed off to town, where I tramped through a very old cemetery, doing my thing. Some people eat at a restaurant in every town they visit. I visit a cemetery in every town we visit. Restaurant eating makes you fat. Walking through cemeteries takes weight off. It also provides a glimpse into the history of the town you are visiting like nothing else can. This cemetery had many awesome makers in it, including this unusual cast iron cover and marker. But also scattered throughout the cemetery were the graves of a number of unknown confederate soldiers. No matter where we travel in the north or south, the Civil War touched every town, some devastatingly so. I am so glad we chose not to sit at home doing what we had always done in our former life, shopping at the same stores, going to the same church, talking to the same friends. Life is too short not to live it to its fullest. Remember: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early.

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  1. Bob 'I sure like (melons) too, and in more ways than one.'. LOL Bob, bad Bob! LOL But I do know what you mean.