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Thursday, June 21, 2012


More museums today, The Phillips Petroleum Company Museum, Bartlesville Area History Museum and The Frank Phillips Home. We both really enjoyed the Phillips Petroleum museum, and not just because the Company was much of our life for many years. So why a barber chair in a petroleum company museum? Frank Phillips, who started the company, started out in life as a barber, so there was a barber shop inside the main company building. It was gone before I ever started with Phillips, so here was my chance to relive the past that I never got to see in the first place.

The other museum we enjoyed was the Frank Phillips Home, which was a time capsule of the 1930's, though unfortunately you couldn't take photos while inside the house. It was interesting that Frank didn't have a home office which the homes of these past titans of industry usually seem to have. On the other hand, there were separate bedrooms for he and his wife. Guess the saying, Business before Pleasure, is true in more ways than one. I may never have risen to be a titan of industry, or even a midget of industry for that matter, but Linda and I sure have always had a lot of pleasure in our Life.

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