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Friday, June 8, 2012

Riverfront property

Travel, reading and resting were the order of the day. We moved towards the northwest, passing through some small, smaller and very small towns, everyone of which had seen better days. It was also a day when the wind was definitely blowing, though fortunately we were mostly on north bound roads and wind was blowing from the south. We also met a number of trucks with windmill blades on them, meaning the wind was certainly not an unusual occurrence in this part of the country.

The main street of Ellis, Kansas on a Friday afternoon in early June. It really isn't dead, it just looks that way. Sure there are a number of vacant buildings, but there are also some businesses that are open. We really like the fact the RV park we are at is in town, and we walked down to the far end of the street to the local grocery store and bought some fresh vegetables.

The view to the front. This is a really neat little campground, and even though we have trees around the coach, there is a hole to the south, so we have both MotoSat and DirecTV. And that hole in the trees wasn't by accident, especially since Linda had our compass in her hand as we were scouting out sites. A great view out the font, cool shade, a police officer who comes around in the evening to collect the money, and a Riverfest being held this weekend all make this a great place to stay. And we had no idea the Riverfest was being held until we saw something about it on our walk down to the grocery store. What's not to love about this Life and our guide, Sara N. Dippity.

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