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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A hot day

We had a short drive from Concordia down to Lindsborg this morning, then spent the afternoon enjoying this small town with a huge Swedish influence. The 70 miles we traveled and the large luxurious space our 38' triple slide motorhome provides can be contrasted to the journey and dwelling of Gustaf Höglund who left Sweden in 1868, journeyed to Lindsborg and lived in the 12' by 6' hole you see, for two years while he built a stone house. We live in our coach, he used the wagon that brought him on the last part of his journey to cover the top of this rock lined pit. History. It's not just dates, it's people, places and the things that they did.

Later we walked around the downtown area, window shopping (me), doing some real shopping (Linda) and just enjoying small town America. When we saw the sign in a window saying there was seasonal lingonberry lemonade available, that stopped my window shopping and I became a buyer. Lingonberries are a popular Scandinavian food, and since we were in a Swedish town, I had to try it. It was all fresh squeezed, the real thing with those little pieces of lemon floating in it and the little round red lingonberries in the bottom. We just might have to go back tomorrow and have another one.

How could anyone not enjoy walking around the downtown of a small town that looks like this. And there isn't even a stoplight in the old section of town. They are all out on the main highways that go around the town where all the MacDonald's type of crap businesses that make America ugly are located. And out there you can also get the artificial lemonade that's all just a bunch of flavored chemicals that far too many people think is real lemonade.

We have a 30 amp full hookup site tonight, but the past week we were at parks with no sewer hookups, meaning it was time to do laundry, and what you see is what we did. After seeing the dugout where Gustaf Höglund lived for two years, a little bit of laundry hanging out to dry in the coach is nothing. Tomorrow we will be visiting more of Lindsborg, but even though we learned they are having their annual Swedish festival this weekend, we will be moving on Friday to the big city of Wichita. Until then we will enjoy as many small town pleasures as we can. Life is Good.

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