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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stuffing day

It was a day to get stuffed, not as in stuffed like the taxidermist stuffs something, not as in how the Thanksgiving turkey gets stuffed, though we did get stuffed as in being stuffed from eating too much, and I'll tell you, did we ever live up to that definition of stuffed. Part of that stuffing was going to be the sweet potatoes we were taking to the park Thanksgiving Day meal, and Linda was out of hibernation early this morning making sure her slave, err, husband, peeled the sweet potatoes to her liking. Note that I was using a vegetable peeler, peeling potatoes as they were meant to be peeled as opposed to the hack and slice, leave a little potato, type of peeling, she who orders me around did yesterday. She claimed to have knobby potatoes, I claimed to know how to peel potatoes. She convinced me we were both right and I agreed. Smart Bob.

Linda working her magic with those sweet potatoes. I have to say that I was a most happy man at the meal, as there were a number of people at our table who just raved about how good those sweet potatoes were. While I wanted to thump my chest and proclaim that my wife was the best ever I didn't, but it didn't mean I didn't think it. Now that was quite a change from what I was thinking about her this morning when she "suggesting" I peel the potatoes and help in other ways. Just goes to prove that the saying about how there is an itsy bitsy teeny weeny tiny sliver of silver lining to every terrible thunderous dark cloud.

Our table of chow hounds at Rainbow Plantation Escapees Park. Two dollars a head for turkey and gravy, we each bring something else, a table full of other traveling SKP's, strangers when we sat down, friends when we parted. At the next table was the last of my hero's, Norm Payne, who started fulltiming in 1999 and whose blog I read in the years leading up to our going full time. Time spent talking to Norm, a truly wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and in the end, Linda and I both so stuffed we could only eat one piece of sweet potato pie and a brownie apiece for dessert. Life simply doesn't get better than this. And our former friends from our previous Life wonder how we can keep on living the fulltime Life. If they only knew, if they only knew, but safe in the life they have always lived they will never know. As for us, we were stuffed today, but in the best of all possible ways.

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