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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rained out

This is a morning we had an interesting view of the 5th wheel that took an hour to park last night. Obviously they were prepared to be a great distance from the water spigot. Also they are making a fashion statement with their choice of hose color. Everyone else in the park has a white hose, so maybe green, if that is what it is, is the new white. Also have to love the temporary cover. Can't say too much though, as I had to go out and buy the items to make an extension cord so we could hook up to electric those many decades ago when we had our first night in our first RV.

Rain, it was the story of today. Gentle at times, heavy downpours at others. A brief sojourn outside to empty the trash, otherwise a kick back and relax day. Some days are like this. Not every day is a do something day. Or maybe I should say that some days, what we do is to do nothing.

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