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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping day

It was one of those days when we do a lot, but nothing really happens. Linda will no doubt cover all the little things that she enjoyed, in which case I will highlight a couple and be done with that. Take shopping for example. She made her list and checked it twice, making sure what we'd bought didn't depend on a roll of the dice.

There were potatoes galore, with enough peeling to make her hands sore. To the park potluck we are going, signed up for potatoes, both mashed and sweet, the height of the piles to be measured in feet. White today, sweet tomorrow, so many I thought there were pans she'd have to borrow.

T'was the day before Thanksgiving, when what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a one gallon aquarium, bright shiny and clear. Swept up in a flash, it didn't take the last of our cash, still up near the top of his new house, Red Rob leaped with joy and a splash. Life is what we make it, some days we work a bit, and on others it takes some wit.

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  1. I would like to say that today, for the first time, I began reading your blog. I love your writing style. Haven't stopped chuckling!

    Keep on keeping on!


    (aka: Life with Lynnie