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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lazy Day

Remember the song, "Lazy Day" by Spanky and Our Gang? That's what today was for us, minus the strollin' in the lane, and also the shady tree, that is. There was nothing exciting in our Life today, no interesting happenings, unless you call the giant blister that formed over the acorn squash as we microwaved it for dinner, a happening. Still, there was the time that we spent "holdin' hands and being with you" that mirrored those lyrics. Not all things in Life need to be discussed, but that doesn't mean many things in Life aren't enjoyed.
I did manage to venture outside two times today, which was one time more that Linda did. The first was a lone excursion to the dumpster, but the second was a joint effort to bring our places traveled map up to date. It was time for Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania to take their rightful place on our wall of where we have been. A little rubbing alcohol to clean the surface, a couple of peel and stick placements, and a map that has fewer blank spots. Will we ever get it all filled in? I doubt it. Will we miss the places we have never visited? Who knows. It's not what we didn't do, it's what we've done that gives meaning to Life.
The only other thing of consequence that took place today we that we wrote and got our 2111 Christmas letter ready to mail. From Linda's suggestion that we needed to do it, till completion it was less than three hours, a world record for us if there ever was one. We hadn't sent one out to our family in 2010 because we were so busy with all the moving to Texas happenings, so this year was a Christmas Greetings Greetings letter for both 2010 and 2011. We hope everyone who gets it understands, but if they don't, well then they just don't understand how wonderful the fulltime is.

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