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Friday, October 12, 2018

Puente Viesgo Caves, Awesome Altimira and Magan’s Presentation - -Oct. 11, 2018


I have not been posting the usual blogger’s required 15 food photos every day. So I trust this one of the great Spanish breakfast I enjoyed this morning makes up for it. I feel sorry for those on the expedition (they don’t call it a tour) who only eat what they would in the States. They simply have no sense of what it is to be in a different country. Maybe you don’t like everything they fix, at least try it, then decide. I can remember years ago in some country I can’t remember, I tried something, I don’t remember what it was, that I didn’t like. As long as the yellow yolk of an egg isn’t staring at me, I’m willing to try almost anything. Linda doesn’t say I have any taste buds and a cast iron stomach for nothing. Neanderthal Bob.


Ready for the day. Three ladies, as opposite each other in their life experiences as possible, yet  bound together as one on this expedition. It’s why it has been such a great experience.


Beauty is not just found in the caves of Basque country.


Not a cave we visited. It was one I stood in front of while Linda took a photo. Since my modeling skills are not up the she who designed and modelled, I will not embarrass myself by posting the photo.


Linda called me her cave man. I don’t think I quite live up to that appellation, but if she thinks so it is more than good enough for me. Old Out of Shape Quasi-Caveman Bob who has the most awesome wife.


Returning from the cave. Remember, no photos allowed. It was the most difficult tour of the entire trip. Many stairs, everything wet and slippery, yet worth all the effort. Very few visitors to these caves visit this section. I was so glad we did. Mind memories will have to suffice for us, but the knowledge we did it is enough.


Use the right model, one that knows just where to stand and what to do, and the photographer just needs to click the shutter. Smart Bob.




All photos taken outside the cave on the large murals depicting some of the cave painting.



Interesting choice for our after meal drinks at lunch. Think pure alcohol with some flavoring. Those that sipped didn’t like it. Those that slammed it down said WOW!. I was in the WOW! group. First mine, then the rest of Linda’s. Happy Bob.


By now you know that if I don’t post this, she who took it will not be happy, which means I would be very unhappy. Not Unhappy Bob.


Last cave of the day. This was another exact replica of the actual cave.


Wonderful paintings.



The use of the natural shape of the rocks to give a 3D look was amazing.


Spain is different from France.


Different in many ways.


By what ever name they are called, they sure are good. And so ends another long day.

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