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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Another Day in Portsmouth – Oct. 3, 2018

A very long day at the historic Dockyards today immersing ourselves in history. First off, I took 88 photos today, meanwhile Ms. Snappy Happy took 133 snapshots. Secondly, we were there shortly after it opened and stayed until just before it closed. That means this post will be short on words and hopefully not too long on snapshots, with a few of my photos added for effect. Tired but Happy Bob.


Linda’s idea of a full English breakfast.


Bob’s idea of a full English breakfast. Give me half again as many beans and one third the eggs and I’d be an extremely happy eater.


HMS Victory. Nelson Flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, and the most famous warship in the world. It was a self guided tour and we spent over three hours inside her. We have never been on a “tour”of any type on a ship that was even remotely as good as this was. The reason for the shortened masts, it is undergoing extensive restoration.


Thickness of the hull planking.


The spot where Nelson was shot.


Bed with cannon behind it. Even the sleeping quarters for the high ranking officers had cannons in them. England hadn’t attained the status as the worlds greatest naval force at this time by being outfought by the French and Spanish navies.


Hammocks and personal belongs were stored topside in this netting which ran all around the ship. In a battle the canvas hammocks could  add to a fire below decks. Topside they could protect sailors, marines and officers from musket balls.


Not much headroom below decks, and further down you went the lower the beams were.


Even wearing my tough kangaroo leather hat I still managed to take some skin off my head. Bloody Bob.


The sailors lived, ate, slept and died next to their cannon.


Hammocks rigged for sleeping. The term – as close as bugs in a rug comes to mind.


The spot where Nelson died, but before he had breathed his last he learned he had won England’s greatest Naval Battle. He told them “Not over the side, not over the side.” Meaning don’t bury me at sea. He was more than aware that Captains and Admirals who were buried at sea never won great accolades.


To preserve his body during the voyage back to England, it was put into a barrel like this which was filled with spiritus liquors. It is said he looked as good as new at his funeral some weeks later.


My ancestor wouldn’t have worked on the Victory, she was retired before he was of age, but I had to wonder if he might have sawed beams similar to this.


A smashed penny for our grandson, Zachary.


Selfie of the day.And a special thanks to Lynn for telling us that Stuart really enjoyed visiting the Victory. And we say the same to you, we really enjoyed visiting the Victory.


Figurehead of a ship that was built during the time my 4th great grandfather could have worked at the dockyard. Maybe he sawed wood for this ship, maybe he didn’t, but if he did it’s another wonderful connection for me.


Video game where you load a cannon, then try to hit the enemy ship.


Cannonball on its way. It is just above the top for the front mast.


Top of the front mast destroyed. Is there nothing Linda can’t do? What she did on her first attempt, it took me three tries to do.Woeful Bob.


Spinnaker Tower at night.


Linda laughs every time she see’s an ATM machine with this sign. I they are going to give away free money, shouldn’t we take them up on it. Another big day tomorrow and probably no internet till the following evening, besides, I’d have no time to write anyway. Or maybe I will. Or maybe we won’t have internet for a couple of days.

And before I sign off for the day, Egads!! BOB IS NOT PERFECT. Trying to use memory rather than looking it up, I completely got the sisters of my 3rd great grandmother wrong, even to leaving one out completely. She who proudly pointed out the error of my ways actually looked it up. So,here  are all the girls in the correct order. Harriet, Mary Ann, Emma, Amelia, Catherine. And with that i should be back to being perfect. Bad Bob.

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