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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

An Easy Day in Würzburg - Oct. 15, 2018


Breakfast room view. Kupsch grocery store and at the top, the vineyards that are on every slope that faces in the right direction around town. The best of all worlds at our fingertips.


German breakfast. Happy Bob.


Did I mention how tiny the breakfast room was? The narrow area is where the food is, the room at the end is where the tables are. It reminds me of the house I grew up in where one of wanted up from the kitchen table, others had to move to let them out. Now that was one seriously tiny kitchen.


Bio-Markt around the corner. More nut butters than Linda could eat. Instead of 10 different brands of peanut butter like in our stores, they have 10 different kinds of nut butters. Happy Linda.


Plants for sale in the main square market. We always visit the town markets, it’s where the best things to buy are. No, she didn’t buy any plants, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t want to. Sad Linda.


A burned out hulk at the end of WW II, now restored to some of its former splendor, at least on the outside.


A long time ago on our first trip to Germany, this was where we ate our first meal, an Italian pizza place! We’ve come a long way since those days. At least something good came from that trip, we learned the joys of Silvaner wine. It has already decided that this coming spring one or several batches of wine we make will be Silvaner, so says she who commands to him who obeys.


Near the entrance to the Rathaus (city hall) there is a small room that has a model of what the city looked like at the end of WW II. One can’t help but be sad looking at the devastation caused by the British fire bombing of the town just before the end of the war when victory was only a handful of weeks away.


The area of town near where our hotel is located. Why do we let dictators and bullies come to power? Will we never learn? “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing.”… “When will we ever learn.”


Selfie of the day. Festung Marienberg in the background atop the hill. Linda always says I should learn to smile in our selfies. My defense is that I am busy looking at the count down timer and trying to center the photo. She then comments something about me being unable to do more than two things at once. On the other hand, she always looks so awesome, why should I ever try to compete with her. Sweet Bob.


Bird photo.


Another bird photo.


A serious lovelock photo.


River cruise boat. Not now, but someday in the distant future we will taking some of these type of trips.


Why we travel. For moments like this. It’s not a postcard, it’s not in some book, it’s not on a TV show, it’s what we saw as we walked along the River Main. (pronounced “mine”.) And giving credit where credit is due – photo by Linda.


At first glance we thought this was Jim Carson, but since we didn’t see Harley and we know Harley’s not a mutt, we thought maybe not. On the other hand, does Jo Ann really know what Jim does when takes Harley for those long walks?


So many wines to sample, thank goodness for smaller bottles.


There’s a reason the one bottle is bigger. Würzburg Stein vineyard is the best.


Tell me it isn’t so! Two nights in a row! Let’s just say that the German version of Tex Mex has a similarity in name only and let it go at that. Needless to say, I pick the restaurant tomorrow night. Pork, here we come.

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