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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nuremberg - Oct. 19, 2018


Time to leave Wurzburg and travel to Nuremberg. Direct RE trains every hour and the Bayern Ticket make it inexpensive and easy.


Since we couldn’t get into our apartment until after 3 PM, we left our luggage at the train station and set off to get reacquainted with the town. The photo was really taken so Linda would remember what our locker number was. I had the key and the number was on the key, but double sure is double good.

Deciding that a preemptive strike was better than scrambling at the last minute to locate a WC, we used the WC at the station. It was one Euro, but the receipt was good for 0.50 Euro off at many of the places in the station. Linda said she got more than a Euro’s worth of entertainment watching the automatic toilet seat cleaner.


Friday afternoon all these folks are dressed up. The occasion, time to get married. The building is a Rathaus (city hall) and since official marriages are civil ceremonies, you can have a second religious ceremony if you want later, these are people waiting to officially tie the knot.


You can take the girl away from Wurzburg but you can’t take the Silvaner away from the girl. As for me, it was time for a beer. Linda tried the beer and confessed that if they hadn’t had Silvaner she would have had the beer. No weak, pale wanabee  beer for my wife.


So we are crossing a bridge and we see this.


All the places are selling things from Italy.


Before heading back to the train station for our luggage, we stopped by our apartment we have rented for the coming week. Hard to believe it was only €75 a night right next to the old city wall, a bakery just around the corner and a tram stop less than 2 minutes away. Plus it is very roomy, kitchen, bath, two bedrooms, living room and a balcony. Sometimes we just luck out. Okay, so the years of travel may also have something to do with it, that and the fact I married a woman who knows what she wants. Smart Bob.


Actually, I suspect the real reason she picked it was for the washing machine. Smart Linda.


Retrieving our luggage. All this fit into the locker with room to spare.


I had two bottles of Silvaner in my luggage. Very Smart Bob

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