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Monday, October 15, 2018

From Spain to Germany - Oct. 14, 2018


6:50 AM flight from Bilboa, Spain to Frankfurt, Germany. So here we are, at the gate. No one else here. Are we at the right gate? See others that were on our tour looking for their gate. Realize we are at the right gate, but they are not where they should be. Hope they find the right gate.


On the plane. Couldn’t believe there would be a full plane of people flying from Bilboa to Frankfurt this early on a Sunday morning, but there was. Yet, as luck would have it, the seat between us was one of a handful that were unoccupied. She who was seated in my row, not mentioning names, slept most of the hour and 50 minute flight.


On the train from Frankfurt towards Würzburg. Frankfurt airport is great, well signed, bought a weekend savings ticket for the trip from the ticket machine, S-Bahn to the main train station, wait for the train, and all aboard. It is so easy to get around Germany by train and other public transportation, we have never rented car while here.


German efficiency makes it easy. Well signed, and stops announced over the PA system in both German and English.


Linda likes to ride facing forward, so we always try to get a double seat. Then if it is going in the opposite direction she is facing, she just switches seats. She is also very unhappy when the sun is on the side she is sitting on. My job is to figure all this out and get us in the right seats. Fortunately luck was with me, that and using to determine which way the train would be traveling. Smart Bob. Happy Linda.


First glimpse as to why we are returning to Würzburg, the wine. Don’t know what type of grapes these are, but I do know it won’t be long before we are enjoying a glass of Silvaner.


We are staying at the same hotel we stayed at in our last trip here. It’s on the top floor of an office building. The rooms are small, the owner is sweet, and the breakfast room tiny. Probably not most people’s cup of tea, but just what we like. Well, except for the intermittent wi-fi that is.


Out the door of the hotel, across the street and a glass of Silvaner. Actually, several glasses, but who’s counting.


I know it almost sacrilege, but we didn’t have any pork today. Linda has what can best be termed a sensitive digestive systems and that coupled with the stress of travel, meant something light for her. This vegetarian meal was just what she needed, well that and the two glasses of Silvaner she had. Smart woman. Happy wife.

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