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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Our National Geographic Cave Tour Begins–Oct. 6, 2018

Not my usual post today, not much time to write and already almost a day behind, I’m a fast thinker and extremely slow typist, meaning very few words to the post.


France: pay to pee.


Another living wall.


The sign says it all.


Our transportation.


24 tour members in a 49 seat bus, Linda in front and me in back on opposite sides so we should have all the photo ops covered.


This is not an inexpensive tour. Part of the reason is we have multiple guides and an expert along. At first look they all really know their stuff. It looks to be a very good week. Above is Adrian, our local French guide.


Everyone was taking photos of this. Beats me what it was.


Lunch at a fuel station. Stripes or Valero it is not.


France from the front of the bus.


Our home for the next three nights.


I will say this is by far the most highly educated group we have ever traveled with.


Exterior view of the “annex”  where our room is. Medieval building, medieval timbers that actually curve around the balcony. The lower one is ours. Two rooms and and an awesome wow factor.


View from our balcony. Another wow factor.


Having fun.


What makes this part of France, Bergerac.


So what to buy. The owner of the market, he didn’t speak English helped us pick out two wines. both of which were local, inexpensive and proved to great tasting.


Both are blends of three grapes, both we could drink again and again.Let me be specific here, rose for Linda, red for Bob, but of us agree both wines are certainly drinkable. Since we have been making our our wines our appreciation of wine has definitely changed.


French dog passed by here.


Happy Hour coming up.


Wine, morbier cheese, real grapes. Funny how everything in France tastes so much better. We both realized Thompson seedless grapes taste like cr@p  after eating these grapes.


Group meeting. Yes indeed, this is a very highly educated group. But I truly believe Linda could hold her own when it comes to archeology. She may not have a degree, but she has learned it by doing.


The best evening meal we could have had. Linda absolutely loves whitefish in France.

Did I mention Linda absolutely loves whitefish in France. Truth time: this was my plate , but hers wasn’t much different, not just wiped clean with bread. Did I mention I love the bread in France, Bad Bob.

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