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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trondheim to Rorvik- Saturday 5 March 2016




Our view this morning was the dock area in Trondheim. The ship stays here until noon, so there is plenty of time to have breakfast before heading into town. We really enjoyed Trondheim the last time we were here, and were looking forward to seeing it with its winter coat of snow.




I went for something a little different for breakfast. The sign by the sliced meat said it was ox, and just because of that I made a breakfast sandwich of ‘ox”. Beef is beef, right? Still, I prefer to think I had ox, not beef. You might also notice the very large chunk of liver pate. Then throw in a little herring and it is another awesome meal to start the day. Fishy Ox Liver Bob. It’s a wonder Linda can stand to be around me, what with all the smells I must be exuding that she doesn’t like.




There was a bigger problem than smelly Bob as far as Linda was concerned, This is another Hurtigruten ship moored in front of our ship. The problem lies between where I stand and the Polarlys and it wasn’t just the snow. It was what lay between the snow and the sleet and the rain and rapidly dropping temperatures, which was ICE. ICE as in Linda the mountain goatless, she of the non-sure footing, was going to set foot on the ground, which would quickly be followed by sitting on her posterior portion on the ground.




That meant a trip to the ship’s shop to make a purchase of broken butt preventative.




Just like tires that slip on the ice and need chains, those crafty Norwegians sell ice studs for shoes, and my smart wife bought a pair. Looks like I’ll have to start calling Linda a mountain goat. On second thought I’d probably be better off calling her sure footed, smart Linda. Quick Thinking Bob.




Chaining up at the top of the gangway.



Her first time walking on snow alone. It was little baby steps at the beginning, but as she gained confidence, it looked like she would be able to get to the end of the parking lot within an hour or so. It was just that here it was snow and to the right of where I was standing it was ice everywhere. I was hoping she wouldn’t soon be B&BB Linda. That’s shorthand for black and blue butt Linda. Bad Bob.




You can’t say Linda isn’t prepared for the Norwegian weather. A short time later I noticed she had her face uncovered, so I asked her why. It turns out the what ever it’s called that she had over her neck, mouth and nose kept her nice and warm. The problem was it caused her glasses to fog up so she couldn’t see where she was going. I wonder if those crafty Norwegians have developed eyeglasses defoggers. If they have Linda would likely buy one.




In Trondheim even the boats wear winter coats.




It was easy to tell that Linda was walking nearby without even looking. I could just listen for the tick, tick, tick, tick of her studs as she walked along. Think of a blue parka with studded snow tires going down the street and you’ll know what I mean.

Then the sound stopped, so I looked around. It turned out her buckle up had not held and she had thrown both of her studded treads off her shoes.  A quick restrapping and she was off again, but with an odd sound. It was tick, whish, tick, whish, then silence. I turned around to see her sitting on the steps and i asked what was wrong now. Instead of an answer she burst out laughing. Once calmed down she admitted she had put one of them on with the studs up rather than down. I’d like to think she was pretty smart to realize what she’d done. Then I thought about how she’d managed to put one on upside down without realizing it. And this where I usually put my foot in my mouth big time. Sorry to disappoint you long time readers, but I will not say anything about any lack of intelligence in the Appalachian hill girl I married. Smart Bob.




One of the must see spots in Trondheim. In the summer it is crowded with tourists. At this time of the year we have it virtually to ourselves.




What you see when you walk out onto the bridge.




Selfie of the day. It almost looks like a painting behind us.




What can I say, Linda has her snowy coastal mountain thing and I have my colorful buildings along the water front  thing. Plus, having a cute young woman in the photo is a nice bonus. Lucky Bob.




Another interesting invention from those crafty Norwegians, a bicycle lift. The photo flattens this hill, but it is quite steep and very lengthy, making it very difficult to ride a bicycle up it. To solve the problem there is a cable with uprights attached to so you can have it catch the tire of your bicycle and pull it up the hill. At least I think that’s how it works, but since the explanation was in Norwegian it might be something totally different. Easily Confused Bob.




It’s been a while since we have visited a cemetery. Not any longer.




Olaf, the first Viking King is buried in the Nidaros Cathedral. The last time we were here we joked to was to visit one Linda’s many greats grandfather as she had Viking blood. This time, after additional researching on my family’s past, it is I who can claim the same thing, and in fact I have far more Scandinavian ancestry than Linda. I was really liking that, thinking I could now start ordering her around instead of her ordering me around. Then I discovered that in the Viking home it was the wife who ran everything, whether the men were off raiding and pillaging or home plowing the fields. Poor Bob. Right back where he started. So much for being a Viking.




Linda cruising down a sidewalk that is pure ice. Wonder if I should start calling her Ms. Studly. Somehow or other I don’t think that would go over any better than if I started calling myself Mr. Studly. How in the heck did  I get to this point from talking about Linda walking down an icy sidewalk to referring to myself AS Mr.Studly?? Weird Bob.




Having been ordered to take this photo of her studly track, I know enough to post it. Bob the Smart Studly Stud.




Coming back through town we stopped at the Saturday morning market. This was the salmon stall. Linda said no. I immediately pointed to a stall across the aisle that was selling scones and other baked goodies. Linda said yes I want some, but no we are not buying any, Very Sad Bob. Skinny Linda.




We didn’t have a clue as to what this meant, but whatever it is, it must not have been that important. at least I think that is the case. Non-Norwegian Bob.




Ms. Studly Studs studs. Very studly if I do say so. Bet you’re sorry you read this blog, aren’t you? Bob, the Super Stud, aka, Dreamer Bob.




Snowy coastal mountain photo with a patch of blue sky. I’ll really try to limit these photos today. But if Linda notices what I’ve done, there is going to be you know what to pay tomorrow. Pins and Needles Bob.




They had a big ceremony on deck that had something to do with this lighthouse. i wasn’t sure what it was all about, but whatever it was, readers of this blog are on the front line of what ever it was. Ace Reporter Bob.




A first ever, brought to you on the Because-We-Can blog. Never before has Linda ever tasted a moule or mussel as it is known outside of France. She pronounced it okay, but a one time thing. That was okay with me as it means a bowl of moules just for me. Moule Lover Bob. Wine and onion Moules are the best!!!




Art is in the eye of the beholder. This is in the stairway leading to our floor. I think it is awesome. Linda has another opinion. We shall agree to disagree. Right Robert.




Linda and my’s crossing the Arctic circle time entry. The chances of either of us winning are near nil. Though I have to believe my time is much nearer to the crossing time than hers. Optimistic Bob.




Why we are here.




it is a different way of Life up here.




I don’t know what you had for your evening meal tonight, but there was no way it was even half as as good as ours. We never did figure out what the orange vegetable was, but whatever it was, it rates 10+ stars in my, Shari's, Penny’s and Linda’s book. If you don’t know what Norwegian food is, take a Hurtigruten ship and you will never wonder again. As we say, it is way beyond good, it is awesome. If you’ve never had pureed parsnips you simply don’t know what awesome food is. Norwegian Food Believers Bob and Linda.




Late night in Rorvik just before the rain, sleet and snow started to pour from the sky.




I did say it was starting to snow didn’t I?




The Vesteralen leaving the wharf.




Did I mention it was snowing in Rorvik?




it was part of the Cod Ceremony that is held annually in Rorvik. We didn’t get take part in in it, but we sure wish the fishermen a good catch of cod throughout the coming year. I really enjoyed this part. it was all in German and I understood enough to not get lost. Maybe there is hope fore me to really understand German. Bob, der Deutscher oder der Dumkopf.




Most passengers were asleep at this time. Those of us who patiently waited on the bow of the Nordlys were treated with a wonderful experience. It’s not just traveling. It’s what you do while traveling that really matters.

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