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Friday, March 4, 2016

Hurtigruten – Floro to Kristiansund–Friday 4 March 2016




Morning light and we are heading northward. Needless to say. Linda was a most happy young woman when she looked out the window as she was greeted with coastal mountains capped with snow, the very reason why we are here at this time of the year. All day long her camera was out taking happy snaps, as the Aussies say, of snow on the mountains, and as I type this she is even now taking more. I promise not to put more than about three dozen a day in any one post. Just kidding readers, just kidding. On the other hand I may face the wrath of she who takes snowy coastal mountain photos if I don’t post them. Looks like what ever I do I'll be Bad Bob.




Ms. Healthy Food enjoying breakfast. I think the reason she is smiling is because when she faces the camera she doesn’t have to look at my fish food plate. We also had a great time talking to our table mate who turned out to be a single Australian lady who lived north of Adelaide. Definitely a small world.




After breakfast snowy coastal mountain photo. It’s a fine line I walk with these photos. Concerned Bob.




Yes it is blurry. Linda was moving up, the boat was rocking sideways and the camera didn’t know which way to stabilize the motion. Smaller ship, open water, be prepared to hang on to the rail and wobble when walking. What’s not to love about this trip? Though Linda just might beg to differ a tad. Tums Taker Linda.




Oh no! Not another breakdown! Actually we are moored at the dock directly behind two offshore oilfield supply ships. Makes for a good photo though. Bad Bob.




Our ship, the MS Nordlys. The tiny blue object by the yellow rope is Linda. The near door and gangway is where the passengers can exit and enter the ship. The far door that is open is where the cars and freight are loaded and unloaded. During our trip it will stop at 34 ports. Along the west coast of Norway it is only way to get to a number of the towns.




As frequent Hurtigruten travelers we received a complimentary fruit bowl. I added the KVIKK bar hoping Linda would remember she had to eat one a day. If she forgets I’ll have to eat the entire bar myself. It will be a tough job, but I can assure you dear readers that I would be up to it. Hopefully Forgetful Linda. Helpful Bob.




Late morning snow on the coastal mountain photo. I know, I know, but since I've got to live with her, you’re going to see coastal mountain snow photos, or else I may not be in any condition to post anything at all. Yes Dear, Bob.




There are many onboard programs. I had been criticized by she whom I live with for not attending many of them on our previous Hurtigruten voyage. This time I will either be sitting beside her or taking a photo of the program. Let’s just say that I seek domestic tranquility and marital bliss. Definitely Yes Dear, Bob.




Yes, I had two plates of fish for lunch, but just to prove that Bob does not live on fish alone, I present you with my dessert. P.S. Linda had the same thing for dessert, just in a slightly smaller portion. Ms. Unhealthy Eater Linda.




I tell you this is most definitely not a cruise ship. If so, where are the hordes descending the gangplank hurrying into town to be separated from their money? Okay, so maybe we did buy something, but it was only a NOK 20 notebook, that’s about $1.60. Small Spender Linda.




Fresh caught cod straight of the boat. Apparently cleaned cod heads are an important part of a recipe as they were spending a good bit of time cleaning them. All the time there was a steady stream of locals stopping by these boats buying seafood. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.




Not  exactly sure what they were, them resembled shrimp, but people were buying them by the bag full as he keep his cooker going.




Selfie of the day. Norwegian towns are so pretty, just the young woman in this photo. Lucky Bob.




No words necessary.




We saw planter boxes covered with evergreen boughs in Oslo, we saw them in Bergen and now we are seeing them along the coast. What could be under them? This afternoon Linda’s Appalachian hill girl curiosity got the best of her and the bough was lifted.




It looks like bulbs of some kind poking through the soil. While in Bergen we had seen a sign that said, “Spring is coming.” It looks like it actually is, but exactly which week is spring and which month is summer in Norway this year, is unknown at this time. But in a few more weeks the sign will likely read, “Fall is coming.” Norway, only one letter distant from No way.




Early afternoon snowy mountain photo. It is a factory fishing vessel we found while wondering far off the beaten track in this town, the name of which I can’t recall this late at night (little person on Bob’s shoulder says the town is Alesund). The reflection in the water was absolutely stunning, and just as I was about to take the photo a series of waves came in. Is it an omen about not posting enough snowy mountain photos. I sure hope it isn’t. Superstitionless Bob Not.




Once we walked over to where the Charisma was moored, we were blown away by how enormous it was. It was like, a minutes catch by it would supply me with more than a lifetime of fish. I wonder if they pickle the herring they catch? Maybe I should apply for a job on board. Will work for no wages, just all the pickled herring I can eat. Delusional Bob. But what if they said yes? Ecstatic Bob. In the end it is just: Dreamer Bob. But what a dream!




Midafternoon snowy coastal mountain photo. Hey, don’t blame me, she says jump, I say was that high enough, dear? Knows His Place Bob.




A small memorial and statute in the downtown area of Alesund. it doesn’t look like much, but we are able to be here today because of this man and what he did. The Germans were far ahead of the Americans in building the atomic bomb during WW II. Joachim Renneberg led the raid that blew up the heavy water plant in Norway that prevented the Germans from building the bomb. Had he not succeeded the world would be a vastly different place today.




Beautiful Winter Bunny Model standing below the deck with the same type of window that is in our cabin. We are probably twenty cabins toward the stern (right) on the opposite side of the ship. Linda requires a cabin fairly low and approximately half way between bow and stern. It serves to keep her rumble tummy tantrums to a minimum. We are complete opposites in more ways than a hundred and one. Cast Iron Stomach Bob.




The door to our room is open across the blue striped hallway. It was picked on purpose. On our last Hurtigruten voyage Linda kept getting lost and was unable to find our room. This time our room is directly across from the elevator and stairs. She hasn’t gotten lost yet, though she has wandered some while trying to find where the various ship’s programs are held. Sometimes I wonder how she ever found her way to the alter on our wedding day. Bad Bob.




The menu for tonight. Don’t tell Linda, but it includes reconstituted dried cod and lamb. Somethings tells me I will be eating both hers and mine. Licking His Chops Bob.




Aged dried lamb tasting on deck.




The serving size on the left, the amount of dried lamb Linda tasted on the right. The best part? I got to eat both my cup of lamb and hers. Being a good guy, I gave her my cracker, but only if she would get me a third cup. She did and I did. Happy Bob. Happy Linda.




The expression on her face when she tasted the dried lamb. I know what is good for me so I will not be making any comments other than to say I think she really didn’t like it. Smart Bob. Linda, the Yuk, Yuk Woman. (At least she didn't spit it out,  I think.)




Very late afternoon snowy coastal mountain photo. I can’t help it, I've got to live with her so dear readers, just suck it up and stop complaining about all the snowy mountain photos. If Linda’s Happy, Bob’s Happy. Very Happy Linda.




Very, very late afternoon snowy coastal mountain photo. The good news, this is the last one she took today. The bad news, she’ll probably take three or four dozen more tomorrow. Sorry Bob.




I keep telling Linda it is easy to find our room, when you are here, just follow the blue stripes and it will take you right to our room. For some reason she doubts me. Puzzled Bob.




They have Entertainment on the big 4000+ passenger cruise ships. We have entertainment on the Norwegian Coast. As they say, different strokes for different folks.  The Expedition leader is playing the accordion, the assistant expedition leader is behind him in the tee shirt. No dressing up necessary on a Hurtigruten voyage. Besides that, most of the people on board are from Germany. I plan to start going to all the programs in German to help me with my German Language skills. Bob der ersatz Deutscher.




Hard to see, but Linda’s husband, and hopefully continuing to be husband, is exiting the restaurant carrying two wine bottles. Our table mates didn’t particularly care for the nights wine selection so Linda’s current husband graciously offered to drink it for them. The ladies were so thankful for the kind offer they quickly gave Bob their bottle. What is that saying about never looking a gift horse in the mouth. Delighted Bob.




The late evening storytelling program was about trolls. The expedition team member that told the story was really good. I don’t know for sure what a troll looks like, but in my book she has the troll look down pat. Hurtigruten, what an awesome experience.




Very late night, and too dark to show any snowy coastal mountains, but perfect for the lights of Kristiansund. As Linda, chain saw roaring, felled entire Norwegian forests, I enjoyed our stop at this late night port.




Ready to toss the small line attached to the mooring line ashore.




Freight ready to be offloaded.





My first chance to see the ship after dark. Late night, a mixture of light rain and snow falling, still it was an awesome experience seeing the Nordlys from the wharf. It is at times like this that our motto comes to mind: Life is not a dress rehearsal, don’t be afraid to love, laugh and retire early.

We have so many things yet to see, so many places yet to travel to, so many adventures yet to experience. May our and your dreams come true.


  1. Thanks for the night shots Bob really nice. Enjoy your experiences.

  2. I again have enjoyed reading your experiences in Norway and will look forward to the next blogs.