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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bergen – Monday 14 March 2016




We will be back on dry land this afternoon when the ship arrives in Bergen. All large luggage is to be out by the elevator nearest your room by 10 AM. What I didn’t understand was how Linda’s words could possibly be true, “There’s no way you are going to get that zipped closed.” Linda even sat on my bulging luggage, did not help. The only reasonable explanation was my clothes expanded to accommodate my newly expanded waistline. Bigger Bob.




Ten minutes earlier I had looked out our door and this area was filled with bags. Linda mentioned I should take a photo, I said I would later when it was really full. How was I to know they periodically took away the bags. Linda was not at all happy with how few bags there were when she took this photo. I thought our midget bags were kind of cute. She just glared at me. Doghouse Bob.




No wonder Linda was not as happy as she had been. it wasn’t me, it was the fact there was no longer any snow or red buildings. Relieved Bob.




With no scenery worth watching and no Wi-fi on the ship, Linda took to reading. I was the mirror image of her.




The night we sailed from Bergen I took a photo out our cabin window and wrote that the next time we saw this view it would be daylight. This is that view taken one deck immediately above our cabin. Looks like we didn’t miss much.




Selfie of the day, moments before leaving the Nordlys.




The family baggage bloodhound on the lookout for our bags.




With her husbands new found bulk straining our luggage, and her wanting to make sure her arctic circle souvenir spoon made it home, we mailed off a package that included our snow boots.


Coming back we got separated, and that began a comical chase that resembled the Keystone cops. I went back to the hotel room, she wasn’t there, I headed back to the post office, she had taken another elevator up to the room, looked out the window and saw me heading across the plaza towards the post office. Eventually we found each other at a bus stop near the post office. Needless to say it was a very happy meeting, as we were more worried about each other than ourselves.




The sign speaks for itself, and you didn’t know you could read Norwegian.




Linda enjoying a gin and tonic at the same place, Madame Felle’s where she did on the day the cruise started. When I asked where she wanted to eat, she just smiled. I took her to several other places but she shook her head. Then I suggested where eat the day we left. I got a million watt smile and heard the words, gin and tonic. I might be a little slow, but at least I got there. Happy Linda.



Love the harbor at Bergen.




Street scene.




No we didn’t walk. Between the Norway in a Nutshell problem and this, it looks like we may have to return some day. On the other hand there is so much of the World to see, that is unlikely. Given the choice of the Nutshell trip and seeing the Taj Mahal, I know which I’d pick. Not that we are going to India, but you get the idea. Our next post will be from London. Until then.

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