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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Last Day in London - 23 March 2016


We’ve been to London many times and have visited most all of the popular sites, so what we see and do now is what we enjoy the most. That’s why there has been no changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, etc. Next time we might get back to Churchill’s War Rooms or spend a few days in Norwich, Bath or up to Manchester, but for this trip, we pleased ourselves.




Speaking of pleasing ourselves, Linda is definitely one happy girl come breakfast time.




Selfie of the day. Back again for another dose of world history.




We have never been to London and not seen the Rosetta Stone.




I know there was something very similar to these in the my high school world history book. This is one of our favorite sections of the museum.




The Nereid Monument. Several thousand years from now people will visit a museum to see bits and pieces of the Lincoln Memorial. Their knowledge of it will be the same as our knowledge of this monument.




Linda really gets into sculpture.




Why we walk or take the underground.





Linda really loves the G&T’s at The White Hart. Unfortunately I had my pint of ale turned in the wrong direction, so now everyone knows where I get my brains from.




Stand Street was one giant parking lot as we walked to the theater this afternoon. I counted 26 buses as we walked along.



Excellent seats once again.




Wow! One of the stars of this afternoons performance, not. Actually, she didn’t even want to pose for this photo at first. Glad she did. Love that smile. As you can tell from the photo, the play was Kinky Boots. It is a musical about a shoe factory that makes boots for transvestites. Talk about great entertainment, I rated it the best show we’ve seen. Linda enjoyed the music, the tempo and the story. Yes, it is different, but it has a great message, accept people for who they are. If we weren’t flying home in the morning we’d be going back to see it again.




Last night, the last of the 13 plays we saw. The two best plays we saved for the last day, in my estimation that is. Linda loves Jersey Boys, so that is her number one, but The Play That Goes Wrong is by far the funniest play we saw. And they start 20 minutes before the curtain goes up. Having seen this play back in 2014 we knew to get there early. I feel sorry for the people who arrive at the last minute because they miss out on the pre-performance fun.


Thus ends another great trip, and once again we have to ask ourselves: How did we ever get to be so lucky? A morning flight from Heathrow, and an evening arrival home. A long day ahead tomorrow. I hope to write several more posts before signing off until our fall trip to Easter Island and Patagonia.

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