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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Day of Rest – 20 March 2016




Truth be told, I really miss my egg whites with spicy salsa for breakfast.




Truth be told, Linda is not going to miss her English breakfast, but she is going to miss her Nutella,




Street view. Notice the truck stopped on the street.




We didn’t know whether it was unpaid parking tickets or illegal parking as there was a big yellow paper on the windshield, it is however a most interesting way towing.




In the we will never know category, they started to put on the bed of the truck, stopped, pulled the sheet off the windshield and then put the car back in its parking spot and the truck drove away.




The distant London skyline. Looks like the Gherkin and the Shard.




The other day I mentioned the only thing missing after our visit to the French Bistro was a good buckwheat Brittany crepe. Linda took that to heart and thanks to Google and Trip Advisor we journeyed back to Hammersmith to the tiny La Petite Bretagne. Where I enjoyed some genuine Brittany brut cider.




I talked Linda into trying a sip. Why do I think she didn’t like it?




An awesome buckwheat savory crepe. And no, John, I still don’t like the ones with raw egg. Non oeuf is my style.




Linda’s dessert crepe, Nutella banana. Did I even need to tell you. My dessert crepe was salted caramel, my favorite. Savory crepe, dessert crepe and drink for only 15 pounds, The best bargain in London. And right up there with the best tasting food.




Scarfie of the day.




No plays today, just a lazy day of doing very little. We did watch this exciting match in the table tennis championships, but otherwise we just recharged our batteries for the coming week of theater on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the flight back to the States on Thursday. This trip has gone all too fast, but there is always a next time.

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