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Monday, March 14, 2016

Trondheim to Alesund–Sunday 13 March 2016


Many of the passengers are disembarking at Trondheim this morning. But since the ship doesn’t leave until 10 AM they didn’t get up until later, which meant the dining room was almost deserted when we ate breakfast at  just past 6:30.


I just want to dispel any notions that with today’s early breakfast, I was foregoing my herring, salmon and liverwurst. Predictable Bob.


As we left the Nordlys we saw this person hosing off the windows. Of course it was on the side of the ship opposite where our cabin was, so we will not have clean windows. We are thankful for our clean window on the trip north. We can’t have everything we want, but we are thankful for what we do have. I am always amazed by the people who write scathing reviews of their trip because every little thing wasn’t perfect. What a miserable life they must live. Thank goodness for the awesome Life we live.


I could say there weren’t many people out this early in the morning, but the truth was there weren’t any people out this early in the morning other than my awesome looking wife and her dolt of a husband. Bob the Insignificant.


Right off is the selfie of the day, and an awesome selfie it is. our potential ancestor, Leif Eriksson, who was the actual discoverer of the New World. It is no wonder Italian-American’s are ridiculed. Their Columbus was 500 years late and in the wrong hemisphere. Bob and Linda, Proud Possible Viking Descendants.


For the tiny handful of American’s who don’t know it, Leif Eriksson sailed form this very port when he crossed the North Atlantic, and became the first European to sail to America.


This is our third time in Trondheim and it easy to see why we really love this town.


Many of the warehouses along the waterfront still have the ‘cranes” they used to offload the boats on the water side and load the wagons on the land side.


If you take a Hurtigruten boat, and hopefully some of you reading this blog will, get off in as many towns as you can. Here is an old bank building on the main street in Trondheim. Unfortunately in the States, we some exceptions, we tend to demolish these old buildings rather than restoring and re-purposing them.


Back again of the old bridge in Trondheim. only this time Linda and I are the only ones there.








Been here, done this. But this morning it is the Nidaros Cathedral without a single soul in the photo. It pays to beat the crowds..


Linda wasn’t sure whether the façade of this building was Plexiglas or glass, but whichever it was she was awed by it, and so was I. In no way does the photo begin to do justice to how spectacular it was. Impressed Bob and Linda.


Just because the streets are deserted doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy walking around town.


Linda lusting after the Euro styles. I told her she is a “10” dressed as she is and if she bought these I would have no choice but to attack her. She smiled and said, ‘Thank goodness the store is closed.” Now just what did that mean? Puzzled Bob.


What next year’s shoe styles might look like in the USA.


But I thought we were on the Nordlys?


Oh! We are on the Nordlys.


Washers and dryers on board the Nordlys. 30 NOK to wash, free to dry. Unfortunately Linda had absolutely no luck when it came to both. a washer that didn’t rinse and a dryer that barely dried. In the end our clothes were washed and dried, but if you get the chance, ask Linda what it took to get to that point.


There was a good reason for this back of a chair photo. Linda had sent me ahead to save her a seat for the “what do we do when the ship docks in Bergen” meeting. I was holding the paper information and my Tab plus her Tab, when she came in. Trying to juggle all of them I accidentally took this photo of the seat back in front of me. And you thought we only post photos of food.


Lunch, just to prove Bob does not live by fish alone.


Dessert, just to prove Linda does not live by health food alone.


Beginning to wean Linda off red building in the snow. a red building on the rocks.


A half red and white building with no snow. Hopefully by now she is no longer hyperventilating over red buildings with no snow.


Stressing out over red buildings can totally exhaust a young girl, meaning it is time to rest up.


Beef and lamb soup for dinner. So good than non-lamb eater Linda tried it. As FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  But to put things straight, Linda tasted her lamb, then I got to eat all her lamb. Awesome Linda.


Some things defy explanation. This is one of them. The reflection of the dining room on the mirror near my chair. Posting a photo like this means we must be nearing the end of the trip.

Pork, cabbage, rutabaga and carrots done to perfection. It is truly what travel is all about.


Linda didn’t like the wine tonight just like last night. Just to prove that I didn’t have to drink the entire bottle I left this. Good Bob.


Linda’s way of getting to our cabin is by following the artwork on the ship’s walls. Turn left here.


Down a set of stairs and turn left here.


Linda’s awesome. loving, handsome, considerate, caring, compassionate, full of it husband showing the door to our cabin that she sometimes finds.


And to end the day, this is where a TV might possibly hang on the wall of our cabin if there was a TV. So much to see and do, and that is what we did, saw and did.

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  1. Your trip is ending too soon. How long will you be in London?