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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bodo to Rorvik–Saturday 12 March 2016




Hard to believe I have become a health food addict like Linda, but red and green glasses of healthy juices and other assorted ingredients that are unknown to me say Healthy Bob. I told Linda the fish and liver were just extras to hold me until lunch. The way she said, “Sure” has me thinking that just maybe she didn’t believe me.



Earlier risers out waiting for the southbound crossing of the arctic circle.




Just about to once again be in the warmth of the south.




Today’s crossing ceremony featured an spoonful of cod liver oil followed by a spoonful of an adult  beverage, Through some of the magic of our guide, Sara N. Dippity, I was the first person to be given their “treat”.




What’s this! Linda is line! Will she actually take a spoonful of fish oil?




Down it goes! What an awesome woman!




Then it was on to the adult beverage. I may have to have her take another DNA test we get back to the States just to make sure it really is Linda. Take the Viking descendant girl to Viking land and the Viking comes out.




I will miss this when we leave.




We will both miss the cheeses when we leave.




Linda will miss this when we leave.




The view from the table we sat at for lunch. There are assigned seats only at the evening meal. This just goes to show that not everything can be perfect, but the tiny amount of imperfect is easy to put up with.




Uploading the previous days post. There are times the ship is in areas with no internet, this was my third try today as we had been sailing in some narrow channels flanked by mountains earlier in the day.




Ingunn singing Norwegian folk songs.




Another small town, but this time there was no snow on the sidewalks. There were virtually no people either.




The main street in Bronnoysund on a Saturday afternoon.




No words necessary.




They told us this was like a late spring day and most definitely not at all like a normal day for this time of the year.




The water in the harbor was crystal clear and reminded us of Lake Tahoe.




Can you believe it? They even label the atm’s that are not safe. Non-Norwegian Bob.





Slim pickings for Linda in the red building department today.




Memories everywhere.




It’s called hole in the mountain for a good reason.




There really is a hole in it.




A flute of prosecco before dinner.




Duck done to absolute perfection for the evening meal.




A beautiful woman and a bottle of wine. The lack of a smile is because she didn’t like the wine, it was a Barbera, and not wanting it to go to waste, I drank the entire bottle myself. Considerate Bob.




Eskild, one of the Expedition Team members who always made us laugh with his antics. I wish I could put into words what a Hurtiguten cruise is really like, but hopefully these postings have given readers a glimpse as to what to expect. Tomorrow will be our last full day on the Nordlys, and already we are planning our time in London and which plays we want to see. Time to do some more research.

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