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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Getting to Know Hobart Day


Jetlag? We didn’t seem to have jetlag despite the 16 hour time difference between Texas and Tasmania. No, what we had was a sleeping lag because we were both wide awake by 1:30 am. Jumping ahead, we were never dragging at all during the day and it wasn’t until 8 pm that we went to bed. Not bad for a couple of slightly older than middle age folks I’d say. Youthful Bob and Linda.

One thing we did was immediately do everything on Hobart time, except getting up at the normal time that is. We set our watches to Hobart time and I have slowly remembering to change the camera’s, Tabs and computer to the right time. I guess you could say we sleep soundly because some time during the night it rained, something we are normally aware of when in the coach. The moisture in the air made for a nice early morning photo looking out from the balcony.


I’ve refrained from posting a food photo for long enough, and with breakfast included with our room, what better way to start the day than with a photo of what we had. Smoked salmon quiche for me and scrambled eggs and bacon on toast for Linda. Linda shared some of the bacon with me, there were two types and we both agreed it was not only different than the standard US bacon, it was better tasting.


We had purposefully planned to have today open, being not sure of how our bodies would react to the huge time difference. With the rain continuing through much of the morning we were able to do some research on things we wanted to do later in the week. When the rain stopped we ventured out to explore the town and get in our normal three mile daily walk.

Normally Linda packs along enough vitamins and supplements to stock a store, but this time I had convinced her we really could buy whatever we needed, as Australia is really big on those things. I was very pleased when admitted I was more than right when we stopped at this chemist’s shop where they had rows and rows of vitamins and supplements. Linda was excited as a woman in a vitamin store. Very good Bob.


The amount of leaves on the deciduous trees here is about the same as in the US, the difference being the leaves are falling in the US and here they are coming out as it is springtime.


The Tasmanian Parliament House, their state capitol building, is right across the street beside our hotel. They give tours and if we have time some day and there are no sessions, we may have a look see.


In the afternoon after an excellent fish wrap and chips late lunch on the wharf, we visited a small museum that replicated exactly, Mawson’s Huts. In the early 1900’s an Australian scientific expedition of 16 men spent a winter, with some of the men spending two consecutive winters on Antarctica in wooden huts. ironically the location they picked turned out to be the windiest non mountain place on earth. It was so fascinating we ended up spending nearly two hours there. Our guide, Sara N. Dippity was certainly with us on this one.


It was a very enjoyable day, and we are looking forward to tomorrow when we will be seeing Tasmin Island and then visiting an animal park when I may have photos of Linda getting up close and personal with some marsupials. Until then, may the sun shine brightly on your day.


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  2. Having just returned from Ireland, and attempting to catch up on my own blog posts, your travels are a great deal of fun and a nice break for me from processing photos and writing. Lovely. I do so love traveling, and also the ability to read about other's experiences in their words and photos as well.,