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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Tasman Island Day

A long day today as we took the Pennicott Tasman island tour, arriving at their dock a few blocks from our hotel at 7:30 am and returning at 5:50 pm. It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny but cool with only a gentle swell at sea. I never take Dramamine,  but being unsure of the sea conditions before we left, I decided that better safe than sorry.
Linda always takes non-drowsy dramamine. Today we remembered something. There was only one other time I have ever taken this medication and today I reacted the same way. It is an excellent drowsy pill. I simply had a hard time staying awake unless we were actively doing something. Linda has told me many times over the years that I am wired different than most people. I guess this is another of those bad connections I have. Sleepy bob.
What the well dressed visitor wears, multiple layers.
What the well dressed Tasman Island boat trip tourist looks like.
There she is!
Awesome scenery.
A special treat, a pair of humpback whales.
A whale of a video.

Linda loves eucalyptus trees. Her instructions to the photographer: “Make sure you get the trees.”
It got even better when we visited the Unzoo.
Bob’s turn.
Our first Tasmanian Devil.
Tasmanian devil showing its fangs.
Relaxing at the end of the day watching a cricket match.
This sums it all up.

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