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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Fun Day


Morning has been special at the Customs House with the sun rising over the distant mountains and spreading across the harbor. I wonder what morning will look like from out new hotel room?


One of the many “terms of endearment” I have for Linda is “Ms. Snoop a Lot.” There was a large stack of laundered bedding beside the elevator. Linda just had to pick up the paper laying atop the stack and see what it said. When I remarked after entering the elevator, “I see Ms. Snoop a Lot is at it again,” she looked at me in a most serious way and informed me it was a a most important piece of paper because it would allow the accounting department to ensure they were paying for the correct amount of laundry.I guess I just don’t understand what is really important.


When a female convict being transported from England to Tasmania misbehaved, they were placed in a box such as this. I note that it is just the perfect size for her. Wonder if the plans are available?


The photo doesn’t begin to due justice to how heavy these leg irons were. Any prisoner wearing them was not going to move from the spot.


We participated in another of the actor portrayed historical reenactments, this time in some of the old buildings next to the harbor. As you can see, here are two criminal types hatching some nefarious plot to lift the valuables of some unsuspecting stranger.


1800’s potty.


What a difference. Instead of multiple turns, stairs and hallways, now we can step off the elevator and see our room. We both liked the find the room in the maze much better, but change is good, it helps you better appreciate the difference in things.


Stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few tide us overs for the beginning of the tour. I can’t go anywhere with me Tim Tams.


To the unknowledgeable it looks like a dead end alley. To a local like me it is a shortcut from the main shopping area to our new hotel. I’ll just say Linda was not impressed when I started to walk back in it, and leave it at that.


Proof we are on the OAT tour.


Our first group dinner. Our fearless, if somewhat sartorial challenged, tour leader, Troy, is at the head of the table.


Me hat is always on me head. Late night, early morning, short post.

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