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Sunday, October 25, 2015

I’m Sailing!!


While I may not be the Bill Murray character named Bob in What About Bob, though Linda may think I am at times, I’ve wanted to go sailing since we arrived in Hobart and saw the sailing ships in the harbor. Today we did just that.


Neither one of us was lashed to the mast, but you may notice the death grip my beloved has on the rail. And no, she is not sick, she is just enjoying the view.


No hanging on for me.


What the view looked like as we looked up.



Backing up a little bit, the Lady Nelson at dock before we left on our voyage on the Derwent.



The Ships Master, the Helmsman, and a very happy passenger.


While I loved being on deck Linda ventured below decks to check out the mess area. Back on deck, I thought I heard her mutter something about Bob must have been below decks because there was a dirty coffee cup in the sink, though I may have been mistaken.


About as good as Life gets.


Sails set and the wind at our backs, a sailing to distant lands we shall go.


Early in the voyage the yard monkeys scrambled up into the rigging to unfurl the sails.


Back on dry land it was time to enjoy ourselves in a different way.


There is a tiny café next door to where we are saying, and when people would learn the name of our hotel they would always ask, “have you eaten at “Harbor Lights?” We would always have to answer that we hadn’t because we were always out and about during the day and harbor Lights was closed in the evening.

The fact that we normally only eat one restaurant meal a day, and that at noon also contributed to our not eating there. A disclaimer is in order here about our eating habits while out of the country. When in German we usually also eat an evening meal out. As Linda says, it is due to one thing, PORK. We simply can’t eat too much pork when we are in Germany.

Back to harbor lights, it was everything people said it was and more. Lunch, dessert and drinks for two, $70 Australian, and worth every single penny.


Our friend Trudy, who once lived in Australia, told us about her favorite drink, Bundaberg Rum. As that famous advertising slogan goes, “Trudy, this Bundaberg Rum is for you!”

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