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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Off to the Country Today

Very long busy day including a night trip in search of wildlife in a National Park, plus no Internet, so we are a little behind in posting.


A slightly different view out our window this morning. Have to love the clouds both below and above Mount Wellington with the colorful buildings of Hobart in the foreground.


A near perfect breakfast. Baked beans, mushrooms and ham. How far the mighty have fallen.


Where we spent most of the day. The windows all around made it very easy to see any sights. And Troy and Gordon are the best guide and driver we have ever had. There’s likely more OAT tours in our future.


Our first stop was at Bonorong Wildlife sanctuary, a wonderful place to experience the wildlife of Tasmania. It was our first time to get a look at wombats. The common wildlife of Tasmania is so different from what we are used to.


What’s not to like about a wombat, including its name. The babies are very cuddly, the adults are as likely to attack you as not. Based on Linda’s comments we may someday see a rival to Cinderella Dog Rescue near Retama. It will be Linda’s Baby Wombat Cuddle Farm. Starry Eyed Linda.


A pair of Tassie Devils relaxing in the sun.

Tassie Devil eating, that’s skin, ligaments, bone and meat. There stomach has the acids to digest it all. Looks cute, but has bite five times more powerful than a pit bull.

After you eat you need to wash up.


Linda got her koala bear fix, even if the bear slept through it. Linda was surprised its fur wasn’t soft like the stuffed bears in the stores. I decided that I wanted no part of such a mean, aggressive animal and didn’t enter the cage. I’ll let you readers decide which of the two critters in the cage I was referring to in the previous statement.


Up close and quite personal with a red parrot.


Linda, the Kangaroo feeder, draws a crowd. Why people hesitate to feed I don’t know. They are the gentlest creatures, those they do have a tendency to fill your hand with slobber. Linda knows how to handle that though. When we were leaving and she went to the restroom, when she came out she said she washed her hands both before and after going. Practical Linda.

When she asked me if I did the same, I said nope. She looked at me like I had a bad disease and said something to the effect of yuck. I just smiled and said it was easy, I just used my left hand. Practical but Gross, Bob.


A joey having breakfast. Never again will we look at kangaroos the same way. Heck, never again will we look at Australia the same way. And the best thing is that the people speak something resembling English so we can actually understand them at times. Actually there are very few times we haven’t been able understand something. Need I say it again, Linda really, really likes Australia.


Why get up when a pretty girl will feed you when you are laying down. So why is it she won’t do that for me? Puzzled Bob.

Talk about a happy kangaroo.


Only native birds here.


The reason the animals are at the sanctuary.


At the start of the post I mentioned it was a very busy and long day, and just to give you an idea, we aren’t even at our lunch stop yet, so needless to say, I will be skipping a great deal of what we did. Like not posting the nine videos I took of different things we did with some of the animals at the sanctuary. You’ll just have to go to Tassie and experience it yourself.


Vegemite. Most people hate it, really hate it, or absolutely, positively, totally hate it. My take, a little harsh and a learned taste, but really, not bad at all. Also not something that will be an every morning staple, if even an any morning event. Pucker Faced Bob.


Look at Linda’s piece. A little vegemite smeared on half a loaf of bread. At least she ate some, and not only once, but she also ate another piece claiming it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe there is hope will emigrate to Australia some day. Excited Bob.


That girl knows what she likes even if she doesn’t know what she is eating. Can you believe it, some people travel half way around the world and want to eat American style food. Not us, give us some of that good Aussie whatever it is any day, and we are happy campers. Especially if it is dessert.


The grand prize wool at the Australian Wool Growers competition. I hope I don’t get anyone in trouble here, but I have heard that someone may have purloined a pinch of this prize winning wool. Just call me Sgt. Schulz.


And we think prison sentences are harsh today. Life for stealing a brooch.


We stayed at a cabin in one of Tasmanian’s National Parks tonight. Off our balcony a wombat was busily munching away.


A pair of pademelons. We have never been in a National Park that had such an abundance of wildlife.


Evening skyline from our balcony.


Night time view of wombats feeding.


The Southern Cross. As always we bring you the finest photos of the things you and we have never seen. Don’t worry about what you don’t see, we didn’t see them either. Linda’s take on the Southern Cross. “There were so many bright stars in the sky I had no clue as to which ones were the southern Cross.” My feelings too. Never ever have we ever seen so many stars in sky at one time.

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