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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One of the Prettiest Towns in France


For the past several days the internet has not been working in our gite. Is it now and the posts for Sunday and Monday have been posted. Sunday we were in Carnac and it was beyond awesome.


Life at the edge of a canal. While we see the self drive canal boats like we rented a few years ago  moored almost across from us in the evening, this was a first. There was no doubt they were having fun as we could hear them laughing and singing  even with the windows closed.


Our version of having fun. The light rain may not have dampened the enthusiasm of those kids, but it had us waiting unto later in the morning to depart on the day’s adventures. Nothing like a big piece of flan from the boulangerie just up the street to make our breakfast special. We laugh because staying beside the canal in a town dominated by a castle means almost everywhere you go is ‘up”.


They don’t have parking meters at every parking spot. You pay at a central meter and put the ticket on the dash. No English, no worry. Put the coins in and push the green button. Voila! it spits your ticket out. Every time when we first get to Europe Linda expresses frustration encountering things without English instructions. By the time we have been here for several months it no longer bothers her. She is teachable!!!!


Rochefort-en-Terre, called one of the prettiest towns in France, and justifiably so.


In the summer it is likely overrun with tourists. At this time of the year there are still a good number of visitors, but with a turn or two, they are left behind while the beauty remains.


Time for lunch and Linda was a happy girl.


Another wonderful house white wine for Linda and my artisanal cidre was the best I have had this trip. Another lucky find? Maybe, but we walked around town twice looking at restaurants and reading menus before deciding on this one.


Linda chewing the meat off the bone of her pork chop, something she never does. When she picked the bone up she said, “I know you aren’t going to believe this, but it is so good I am going to chew the meat off the bone.” Of course I believed her. mine was just as finger licking good.


We were among the last of the mid-day diners to leave so I was able to take a photo of the fireplace in the room. Linda commented on how it reminded her of the country taverns we have eaten at when in England and indeed it did. Great atmosphere, great food, great Life.


Everywhere I turned there was beauty. And the colorful plants also looked nice.


Small town, small church. Built in the 1100’s, it took us over an hour to see all the highlights it held.


This alter was highlighted by the different colors of light coming from its stained glass window.


These columns are a nondescript gray. The light from the window falling on them works magic.


Placing slate on a roof. it is no different today than it was centuries ago. We may not travel around the countryside very fast, but when we see things like this it is all worth the time we spend. As the saying goes: it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.


We didn’t know where these stairs were going to lead other than down, but it didn’t matter, it was so pretty.


During the long steep walk back up to the town along a street we trusted would take us where we wanted to be, at least we going up, Linda couldn’t get over this car covered with vegetation. There was no apparent way it could have been driven to where it was sitting, so just how did it get there?


Menhir alongside a country road, another of those stumble upons traveling the back roads.


This one we were looking for. It was somewhere down this road. The car was parked some distance back up the road.


I have to laugh about my cow photos. We see very few Holstein cows, so why are my cow photos always of Holsteins?


The object of our search. A dolman that was of a different style. The stone on top is one solid piece because on the other side the crack does not go all the way through it.


The entrance was at this end.


The little dot in the center of the photo is our car. It is most definitely not a place people accidentally stumble upon.


Beautiful French woman leaving the local Super-U with her baguette.


This is a reminder for future travels. This was an awesome cheese. This was another awesome day. Bob and Linda, not just living life, Living Life.

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