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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Falklands and a Day in the Rain - Nov. 25, 2019

We are at the far western end of the Falkland today, with fog and rain. This side of the islands only gets 17 inches of rain a year so you could say this is not normal weather. The morning announcement said we should wear rain gear.

Great way to start the day.

Besides rain there is also wind. Linda has perfected walking down this corridor.

Dolphins near the ship.

Waiting to be called down to the launch room on deck 3.

Temperature was in the mid 40's, with the rain and wind wasn't all that pleasant. The only reason they call off landings is because of high seas.

After landing it was a five mile hike to see a penguin rookery. What with the weather and cross country hike, Linda opted to only go a short way.

She did get in some photos of flowers.

I told her I would see her on the ship, but she still wanted a last photo of me before I set off.

While I trudged along in a pouring rain with wind gusts that sometimes pushed me off balance, Linda enjoyed home baked pastries and tea. One of us was smart and one of us was not. Unsmart Bob.

A couple of birds.

Even if the weather wasn't nice, I still enjoyed the color from the all weather jackets.

My turn to photograph a few plants.

Carcara feeding on something.

The fog and rain made this photo special.

More than once the thought came to me at places like this, Is this the last hill?

Most people chose to wear the all weather boots we were supplied. This person chose athletic shoes. I can't imagine what it was like walking that distance is wet shoes.

Penguins have been here.

Where there wasn't grass to walk on, there was mud.

It was easy to tell when I reached the end of the walk. Colorful people.

Colorful Gentoo penguins.

Saw these four Gentoo penguins on the walk back to the landing.

The zodiac had some tired people on it as it headed back to the ship.

Linda took this photo of how they launch the zodiacs from the ship.

Dolphins frolicking below our window as we ate dinner.

It was a wet miserable day, but given choice I would do it again. As for Linda, she made the right choice not to go along. Smart Linda. Tired Bob.

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