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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Sailing South, then West, then South, then East and then Glaciers - Nov. 13, 2019

Map shown during our morning briefing with our route from Punta Arenas shown in red. Today we are passing through all those little islands you see and by tomorrow morning we will be at Cape Horn.

This will be our landing site tomorrow morning on Cape Horn. Today will be a day of sailing and as luck would have it all the glaciers we will be seeing will be on our side of the ship so we can sit or stand out on our balcony and retreat into a room if the weather is bad were for a little refreshment if needed.

Looking towards the bow of the ship we could see snow on the belt and tops and somewhere beyond there will be glaciers.

We are supplied boots for any time we go ashore. First there was a fitting, then we had to go down to a room where the boots were handed out. I was lucky to find this lovely model to show how excited one can be when they receive their boots.

Linda showing off her boots. The look on her face was because they didn't quite fit right, so she went back down and got a bigger size. I guess all the great food were having is settling in her body. Bad Bob

Yes, I am actually wearing something other than my Tevas.

Glacier time. You can see the streams of water pouring off the left side of the glacier.

Attempting to take the selfie of the day with a glacier in the background. As you can see my photographic skills are somewhat limited. Snapshot Shooter Bob.

The glaciers kept coming and coming and they were in all sizes.

The scenery was absolutely fantastic, and the calm water was very much appreciated by Linda.

Photo taken because Linda said look how green the water is at the base of this glacier.

A huge glacier. They all had names of countries in Europe, but remembering what they were when Linda and I looked at these photos, no way.

All the glaciers have retreated from where they were some years ago, but not this one.

Linda was funny. She would look ahead and say, "There is blue ahead," and sure enough the blue would indicate that was another glacier coming up. Smart Linda.

It's hard to believe just how much ice there is in a glacier but it's readily apparent how beautiful they are.

We always say there's no place in the world you can't buy Pringles. In a few days you gonna be able to buy them if you're off the coast of Antarctica.

I think have been really good at not posting food pictures. Tonight's appetizer was so pretty I couldn't deny myself in that regard.

Tonight the captain was introducing the ship's officers. Linda is ready far ahead of time, for the champagne toast.

A great set of officers from a number of different countries. I'll mention the captain is from Norway, the first officer from Canada and the chef is from Poland. And that's all the countries I remember though there were at least three other ones.

The entire day was calm waters and snow capped mountains. May it be a foretaste of what the waters of the Drake Passage will be like is Linda's prayer. Hopeful Linda.

The camera where the 360° panel pictures from the ship are taken is from the small mast to the right with the slot in the gray. The slot is the camera lens. We've scoped out where you have to stand to get in one of the photos, we tried last night but it was so cold and windy and we didn't have our foul weather gear on so had to give up before our picture was taken. There are still several weeks of wage so there'll be plenty of opportunity yet to come.

Wine with dinner, champagne for the toast, and a Heering Hot Toddy as a nightcap for Linda.

Wow what a day and put away to end it, look at those Southern Lights we saw. Bad Bob.

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