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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bad Weather, A Day Aboard the Ship - Nov. 18, 2019

Activities had been planned for both morning and evening today. Unfortunately bad weather in the form of high winds and rough seas meant all activities were cancelled and everyone remained aboard the ship today. What follows are a random selection of today's photos taken looking out from the ship with the weather being everything from fog to sun to snow to a glorious sunset. And trying something new, I will try to keep my words to a minimum and let the photos do the talking.

We never get tired of seeing blue ice.

Temperatures below freezing all day. This would have been the even landing spot.

Sometimes the cold and winds put just too much shake in the hands when taking photos from our balcony.

Deep breath and press gently on the shutter.

Same photo without zooming in.

There is a special room for the talks. And if you don't want to go in person, they are streamed to the TV in our room.

Snow on our balcony.

Linda knows how to relax.

It is always easy to spot penguins because of what they deposit on the snow.

Over the public address system comes "Seal off the starboard side," and doors start slamming shut. We are on the port side, so we joined them.

Maybe a UFO landing site?

We were only the second ship to pass through the Lemaire Channel this season as the ice is still in it.

Near the end of the day. The sun does go down, but it never does get completely dark.

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