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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Nesting Albatross and Rockhopper Penguins - Nov 26, 2019

In the launch room ready to board a zodiac for the trip ashore. The laughs are because I once again volunteered when they needed one person to fill the zodiac. Linda told everyone what happened the last time I did this, so everyone was reminding me to stay at the landing area until her zodiac arrived. After the 'polite' way Linda informed me she was less than pleased with me the last time I did this I assured everyone I would be right there when they landed.

Standing on the loading platform before getting into the zodiac. Did she take this in case I went down with the ship, so to speak? Bad Bob.

Proving I was as good as my word. A photo of Linda being helped out of the zodiac. Good Bob.

The island we were on, and it location was in its name.

As has been the case, there was a good deal of uphill hiking.

One of the reasons we travel.

Once up on top of the hill, the fog was definitely in. I took this photo about 20 feet from the caracara.

Miles further we arrived at the albatross and penguin rookery.

Rockhopper penguin on its nest.

If you had any difficulty walking, this most definitely wasn't the place for you.

Besides the birds nesting, albatross were soaring overhead.

On the way back much of the fog had lifted and the caracara were out in numbers. Often I would top a rise, Linda took the Land Rover back, and caracara would come soaring right beside me. Never did get a photo of those times, but the memories will always be with me.

This was another private island and we were the only visitors so the Norwegian flag was flown below the flag of the Falklands in our honor.

Linda had already tasted the goodies at the table by the I had walked back, and she was only to happy to point out which ones she liked the best.

No matter how enjoyable our time ashore is, it is always good to return to the ship.

Linda on the boot cleaning machine.

Why we so enjoy our balcony.

It's not the ship's figurehead, it's wild hair Linda standing at the bow of the ship.

I wish we had the room to bring it home, I was sure she would have bought it.

Linda's penguin. No doubt that it is a chinstrap. Hopefully we will be able to get it home in one piece,

You can tell it is Linda's penguin, it even joined us for our gin and tonic time.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..." Mark Twain.

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