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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Last day at Sea - Nov. 27, 2019

Our trip is in its last stages. Today we will continue traveling from the Falklands to the Straits of Magellan. While there was some rocking during the night my traveling companion continues to wake up with a smile on her face after a restful night's sleep. Happy Linda makes for happy Bob.

While I am no wildlife photographer our balcony makes it easy to photograph any creatures that may happen by weather in the sea or the air. The wrist strap on my camera comes in handy as I can operate the camera with one hand and have the binoculars in the other.

Meanwhile, inside, Linda is slowly working at packing. And yes, it all fits with room to spare. As usual we way over packed in some areas, especially as far as cold-weather gear was concerned. We know that layers is the secret, the problem is that we go for far more layers than we need when we pack. Plus we brought our snow/rain boots which we didn't need as the ship supplied for the trip.

As we traveled along we noticed the sea had changed color from the usual gray or gray blue to green.

This photo of an oil rig shows the contrast in the color of the water, plus you can also see land on the horizon.

Most of the day albatross were circling the ship.

Linda always requests a copy of our on board charges the evening before we depart the ship to make sure they are correct. Imagine her surprise when she found several entries she hadn't anticipated. A little review of our reservations revealed that because of our very early reservations of the trip, plus our membership in the Hurtigruten Ambassador Club, we had began the trip with just under 2000 euros in on board ship credits. Plus we had free airfare and the wine package which we already knew about. The bottom line was a shopping spree of monumental proportions to use up the 1100 euro balance in free on ship credits at the ship retail shop. Linda found some very cute penguin earrings and I bought a few things as well. Very Happy Linda.

Between the 25 to 30 mile an hour winds and the bright sun on the had trouble taking photos from our balcony.

But when she did succeed at taking photos, she did a great job. Proud Bob.

The luggage had to be out by the main elevators by 10:30 in the evening. We weren't the only ones on our deck who had it out much earlier.

Linda likes to take sunset photos. This can be looked at two ways, it is the sun setting, and it is the last hours of the most fantastic trip we have ever taken. Of course, every time the are returning home from a trip we always say that it was the most fantastic trip we've ever taken. And you know something every time we are absolutely correct.