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Monday, April 30, 2018

A very Long Day Birds and Ruins–Sunday 29 April 2018

Short night, up at 4:45 to go on our first ever birding outing. Our guide is one of the top rated birders in Guatemala. To jump ahead, his passion for birds made the time fabulous. And lest I forget, he was familiar quite with our Retama neighbor, Bert Frenz’s book on Birds of Belize.
One additional note, Linda and are not photographers. Most of what we saw was through the spotting scope. The photos below are to give an idea of what we saw starting at dawns first light.

IMGP9240 (2)
Big black bird with yellow crest not often seen.

DSC03800 (2)

Bird on tree branch.

DSC03801 (2)

Toucan with something on beak through spotting scope.

Big colorful turkey like bird.

Guide and beautiful birder.

Water bird.
We took many more bird photos but these were the ones I was able to positively identify. Non-birder Bob.

Typical scene when Mayan temple first comes into view.


Testing out a Mayan bed. My preference is for a very firm mattress. This takes the term “extra firm mattress” to an entirely new level.

An artistic photo using the HDR setting in my camera.

South end of a coati heading north.

Linda wanted me to pose. You’ll have to ask her what the thing beside me is

Our jungle cabin. Time to say goodbye.

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