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Friday, April 20, 2018

A long travel day to Honduras Thursday 19 April 2018

DSC02684 - Copy

Every evening we get our “next day” card from Richard. It tells what we need to know and what to have with us for the following day. This was the one we received last evening for today. What was not included, but was something we knew, it was going to be many hours on the bus leaving El Salvador, passing through a corner of Guatemala and ending up just across the border in Honduras. The $3, in US currency no less, was for our entrance into Honduras. Those of you who have spent hours riding in a bus know it is anything but relaxing. You have to be tough to be a traveler, though I will say Linda sure knows how to cope with a long bus ride, she takes a long nap during the ride.

DSC02685 - Copy

Luggage lined hallway.

DSC02687 - Copy

A better bird photo today. This one looks like a dove to me. There are also grackles here, and they are just as ungainly as their Rio Grand Valley counterparts.

DSC02688 - Copy

Buying things to give to people in the small country villages during our travel. Most of them live on $1.25 a day, so Richard asked us to buy daily necessities, but keep the price of the item under $1.25, something we discovered is not easy to do. It was a interesting way of giving us a better understanding of the lives of the people in the countries we are visiting. It’s things like this that make Richard such an outstanding guide.

DSC02695 - Copy

There are barely enough seats in the bus for our group and Linda was wondering how in the world the group’s luggage was going to fit. It’s a real Central American bus so the luggage goes up on top.

DSC02700 - Copy

Ripe cashews.

DSC02707 - Copy

The cashew nut grows outside the fruit, one nut per fruit.

P4190534 - Copy

The nut is inside this pod.

DSC02721 - Copy

We each ate the fruit picked straight of the tree which tastes nothing like the cashews we eat, but is very good in its own right.

DSC02715 - Copy

A different type of Mayan construction. There are different periods associated with the Mayan culture as it lasted some 1500 years. Here wooden sticks are used as reinforcing in the clay structures.

P4190558 - Copy

Have to love the Spanish for Worcestershire sauce.

DSC02737 - Copy

Daily Chicken Bus photo. What can I say, it was the best one I took during the day.

DSC02705 - Copy (2)

A half ways descent photo of the national bird of El Salvador, the Turquoise-browed motmot.

DSC02757 - Copy

The famous Lindus Divus, aluminum can  pull tab collector extraordinaire. If Lindus Divus is too much of a mouthful, just call her DeeDee, short for dumpster diver.

A semi cliff notes blog post today.

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