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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodbye Stockholm, Hello Kalmar



This could be the last of the morning herring in the wonderful yellow sauce. An epicure Bob is not, but he does love herring for breakfast. Linda is probably wishing this is the last of the morning herring. We have agreed to disagree,


Don’t ask why but got curious this morning to know what a Swedish bedframe looks like. It certainly isn’t you usual found in America, Chinese made piece of crap It has style and quality.


It always amazes me in reading the travel forums at the number of women who think they need to bring an iron along with them to Europe. Thank goodness Linda isn’t a clothes horse, though if she was we would never have gotten together in the first place since her description of college student Bob when we first met was that I was a slob. You know, a gravy stain on my pants, so what, it’s only a small stain. Somewhat neater Bob.


Our transportation for the next couple of weeks. Are those rally car driving lights on the front?


View from the back of the bus. Linda always sits up near the front. I always sit near the back. Like they say, opposites attract.


Wall of the Gold Room in Stockholm City Hall. Our photos don’t begin to do it justice but it should be on everyone’s list of places to visit.


Linda likes to take photos of things the normal tourist probably never sees. That’s not from a photographers perspective, rather from the curiosity killed the cat point of view. This one is of a chewing tobacco vending machine.


Note how low the pack on my back is riding. That’s because she had it loaded down with enough things to keep the entire tour group alive should need be. Okay, I exaggerate, but only slightly, but it were to rain we could definitely stay dry. Bob the packhorse.


Heading to the night’s hotel from the bus. Linda observed we have by far the smallest amount of luggage and we are going to be in Europe months longer than anyone else. I overheard one of the tour group member's saying there was no way they could pack as light as was recommended for the tour. We say there is no way we could not pack as light as is recommended. Lightweight Bob and Linda.


When Linda opened the door to the bathroom, I’d found the closet but couldn’t find the bathroom, she exclaimed, A TUB. It was more emphatic than bold letters can convey but you get the idea.  Why do I sense there is a nice and very long soak in the tub somewhere in her plans for the evening?


Ecologically correct wine. Sweden has a totally different view on the function of government and mans effect on the planet than in America.


Spending the night in Kalmar, Sweden, we had a group walk around the town.


Close-up of the windows of that building. It is a place that houses prisoners. It has room for 56, but there are just a few housed there. The concept is that is you house prisoners together they learn from each other how to do more bad things. Put a monitoring bracelet on them and allow them to return to society and they will get a job and pay taxes which benefits everyone. Interesting how a society operates when its members understand if they contribute to it everyone benefits. Versus America where the main objective seems to be get everything one can and the heck with everyone else.


Our first fan! Linda was so excited to see it she almost knocked me over rushing to turn it on. Cool Linda.


Dinner in our room tonight. We had this hunger for falafels, don’t ask me why though is is likely we are overloaded on Swedish meatballs, so we picked up a wrap and a pitabrod  falafel around the corner.


After we finished eating Linda decided that cookies and milk would be the perfect way to end the day. Back out to the grocery store a short distance away, and soon she was very happy girl.

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