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Thursday, July 31, 2014

An interesting part of Copenhagen



Computer, Tab, and hearing aid charger. Adapters for the outlets and a cube to allow us to plug more things in. Last night it was all this plus the two camera battery chargers. We bring along three European and two England adapters so we are sure to have enough. Thank goodness Linda isn’t into using a hair dryer, but even if she was, every hotel we have stayed at so far has had a hair dryer in the room. They are great for finishing up drying those still slightly damp socks you washed last night. Bob and Linda, traveling in Europe like Europeans.


Two ends of a bridge we saw during our morning guided tour of Copenhagen. The bridge was supposed to be finished in 2013. They think it will be finished in 2015. The reason – the engineering firm that designed it made a slight miscalculation. It seems that the ends would never meet. And you think you have problems. Someone else’s are always worse.


Life is not only good, it is also picturesque along the many canals and waterways found in Copenhagen,


There is a story here. See the boats along the waterway. What you don’t see is the restaurant boat moored across the way that caught my eye. What I didn’t see, because I was looking across the way, was the bollard in front of me. I managed to walk into it just as you see. It was only a little ouch as I hit precisely as shown. I will say it certainly stopped me dead in my tracks, so I called to Linda to take this photo. I can see now that if had been about four inches higher it might have done me some serious damage. Lucky Bob. Lucky Linda.


Linda must have taken at least a dozen and a half of these canal photos. If I don’t post at least several of them I will likely never hear the end of it.


We have seen dozens of palaces during our travels in Europe, and still Linda has to take another photo of the palace guards. At least she’s not alone as the person she partially cut off in the photo shows. In case you didn’t know, Demark has a Queen and she was apparently at the palace today.

I like how the situation with the monarchy in Sweden was described. They have a King. The next in line is a princess who married her Brazilian personal trainer. The people will do away with the monarchy if she were ever to become queen. Now that’s the way a Democracy should work. If those at the top are too big for their britches, do away with them.


Smog in Copenhagen? No way. Bicycle traffic traffic jams? Certainly.


In the things you never knew category. The corners of the buildings in Copenhagen that date from the 1700’s have their corners trimmed off. It seems that fires were common in those years and to make it easier for the men carrying the ladders to negotiate the streets, the corners of the buildings were all cut off.


Yes Linda, I know it’s a rock with a line through it. No Linda, I will not put it in my daypack and take it back to the USA for you.


We visited the independent “free” area of Copenhagen called Christina. The sign tells you why we have no photos of what we saw.


I did manage to sneak in a photo of one of those “wild and free” Christina women.


Lunch in Christina was at a seriously vegetarian, vegetarian restaurant. I can testify that my hummus was the best I have ever had. And both of us totally cleaned our plates. What’s not to like about those that live differently from us if they cook like this.


In the late afternoon we visited the Thorvaldsen Museum where many pieces of the world renowned sculptor’s pieces are displayed. As always, Linda was attracted to feet and I found about a dozen photos of different feet when I downloaded her photos.


The above foot was from this famous sculpture of Jesus which can be found in many cemeteries throughout the USA. We’ve seem copies of it quite a few times on our visits to cemeteries as we have traveled the country during our RV adventures.


It looks like Linda got tired feet from looking at all those feet. Like she says, it’s a tough Life, but somebody has the take those afternoon naps.


Dinner with friends at an awesome Chinese restaurant. What a Life we Live.

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