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Friday, November 11, 2016

Back to Buenos Aires - November 10, 2016

You can't see our luggage in this line up ready to be loaded on the bus. It is on the far side and dwarfed by the bags of the other people on the tour. More than once we've been asked how can we travel with just that little bag. The best answer we give is, we just take what we need, not what we think we might need. Qualifying comment: We are seriously considering getting slightly, and I emphasize the word slightly, larger bags for future trips. The hiking pole that Linda bought during the trip has really helped her but it just barely fits in the bags we have now.

Another of those, found on Linda's camera, photos. This is a very interesting hotel that we have been staying at, there are sheep grazing in the lawn and in the evenings we've seen a Vaquero on horseback rounding them up with the help of several sheepdogs. It looks like they have their own four-footed lawnmowers.

Linda's comment on this photo was that it looks very much like Southern Utah. I have to agree with her.

Patagonia, we will miss you.

Just another of those interesting photos I find when I download Linda's camera.

Back in Buenos Aires. This slum is within a few miles of where our hotel is. What a contrast from Patagonia. Patagonia we most definitely miss you.

On the way to our Last Supper in the bus I tried to take a last selfie of Linda and I. I have to say that's about the most grammatically incorrect sentence I've written in a long time . Even I have trouble understanding what I wrote. I think Linda's attention was elsewhere rather than on my photographic efforts.

I thought I'd try another selfie but managed to get the camera and a little too high. When I went to delete the photo I realized that Denise, who was sitting behind us, had photobombed me. We have had so much fun with this group of people that we have traveled with that we will miss them all. Now I've got to figure out how to get back at Denise.

Argentina is famous for its beef so it was fitting that steak was the choice for our last meal together. I have to say that it was the most succulent, juicy steak I've had in a long, long time. Even Linda enjoyed hers and that says a lot about the food we have had here in South America. It has been great almost every meal. Unfortunately neither of us cared for the meals that feature the fish called Hake. Consider that a critique rather than a stinging rebuke. After all some people don't like chocolate cake. But that doesn't mean that all types of chocolate are bad.

A walk along the waterfront completed the evening.

The bevy of beautiful babe's that added glamour and sophistication to the trip, lined up on Buenos Aires' famous Women's Bridge. No wonder playboy is in trouble, what with photos like this available for free on the internet. Possibly Delusional Bob.

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