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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Simply Spectacular Day - November 7, 2016

We took hundreds and hundreds of photos today so there is not going to be much writing, but there will be photos galore.

It was very very windy day, if it wasn't fastened to you or secured in a pocket, you were going to lose it. I don't know what the final count was but things were flying away all day. Among the known items was a toboggan and the bottom portion of a walking pole. We also saw gloves sailing away, but in the final count, everything Linda and I had was accounted for, though there was once or twice I thought we were going to lose Linda. Like I said at first, many photos and few word. Sure Bob, sure. Bob, the Man of Many Words.

When the flag blows upwards you don't worry about how hard the wind is blowing, you just try to remain upright.

Just a normal view. Annie said that the mountains are never as clear as they were today. A once in a lifetime day was how she put it. Our other guide said it isn't unusual to go 4 or 5 weeks and never see the mountains. We'll take luck like this any day.

In one word, Awesome!

Our photos can't do justice to the colors.

Selfie of the day, the only one, I promise.

Did I mention how windy it was today?

Having fun trying to stand upright without getting blown backwards.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I'd crop it, but I'm way behind in writing. I'd look up its name but we have no internet here in the park where I'm writing this.

Everyone took photos of this relative of the camel. The head was good enough for me. You want full body photos, ask Linda to post one on facebook, one of the several dozen she took.

Since I'm into posting head shots of weird creatures, how about this one. Bad Bob.

Linda, larger than Life.

It's springtime in Patigonia and the hills are alive with beauty.

The intensity of the colors defies explanation, or our photographic skills.

Another, what is it, bird.

This one everybody should know by now. It stayed stationary just to the side of the bus for over 5 minutes. What a beautiful creature. Condors have a place in nature and they do it very well.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the soaring condor, is the equally famous, sitting female footie. Never underestimate Linda's ability to pick up rocks in her shoes. I have been limiting "footie" photos lately lest they fall in the same category as the banned "butt shot" photos. Considerate Bob.

Icebergs galore.

And more icebergs. There are glaciers every way you turn here.

Glacier ice is good ice.

You heard of "the hot seat", here is the cold seat.

It really wasn't cold sitting there. Don't believe me? Try it sometime.

Speaking of ice, this is what we see in the distance looking out the window in our room.

They even use glacier ice for the drinks in the bar. And with that I'll call it a day. Hope you enjoyed all the photos even though I know you'd rather have more of my writing and fewer boring photos. Swelled Head Bob.

Not sure we will have internet at our next stop. If not, in three days we will be back in Buenos Aires were I know we will have internet. Then it will be off to the jungle on the Argentina - Brazil border where we may not have it. The joys of travel.

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