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Saturday, September 22, 2012

On to the Past

One our very first stops whenever we get into a new town is at the Tourist Information Office to pick up a map. That was a couple of days ago. This is what the map of Limoges looked like this morning when I was throwing it away. It was definitely well used!

Those single outlets can go a long way when we have an outlet cube that allows us to plug three things into a single outlet. In this case it is only the camera battery charger and the computer power source, neither of which draws much current.

On the train I watched the fields of France go by while Linda used the time to good advantage, learning more French words. She has amazed me with how much practical French she has picked up. I knew she was awesome, but here she was being even more awesome than usual. I sure did do well in the wife department.

We are not staying in a hotel in Les Eyzies, but rather in une chambre, a room in a house. We were expecting something very small, and were really surprised at how big it was. As you might guess, Linda really loved the view out the window.

And what a view it was.

A wedding party, the bride and groom riding in a horse drawn carriage.

Another lunch, another terrace.

Linda never had to look twice to know what to order. This was our first town with cassoulet on the menu, and that’s what she had. That’s a duck leg sticking out of the bowl. This woman is definitely not the same one I married those many years ago.

Where we will be tomorrow. The double thumbs up says it all. This the one place in France that Linda really wanted to visit, and now it is about to happened. It was closed today, but Linda still wanted to go by and see where it was at.

A postcard that shows what and why we are in this town. This is the town where Cro-Magnon man was discovered. This is the town with the only cave paintings in polychrome where you actually go in the cave and see the original paintings. Linda is a very happy girl. That makes Bob a very happy boy. Life is good.

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