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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Green around the gills

I can't say I never get sick, but I do have pretty much what is known as a cast iron stomach since it was sometime in the late 1970's the last time I was praying to the porcelain god. Linda on the other hand has what is known as a sensitive nature, one that is apparent at both ends of the, um, shall we say spectrum. Sometimes there are things that go splash in the night, and at other times there are things that go boom in the night, which come from various sources that I prefer not to know about when it is happening.

Due to the sensitive nature of the material to be presented, or as Linda has threatened, not to be presented, in today's post, lets just say that we didn't do anything today as Linda recovered from a bout of intestinal distress. If I do say so, I make for a very a very good nurse, though my comment about taking care of her now so she could take care of me in another 25 or so years went over like a lead balloon. And here I thought buying a large supply of adult sized baby wipes for when that day comes that she needs to care for me was a good idea. I tell you, it is simply impossible to understand women.

Look at it this way, at least you readers weren't subject to any bird pictures today. Smile, Life's to short to do anything else.

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