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Monday, February 6, 2012

Back to Q

Linda got all excited about the birds gathered around the feeder this morning, especially when she sighted what looked like a redwing blackbird. At least it meant she was feeling much better after her encounter with that late unpleasantness of the past several days. Unfortunately she is still suffering from her knack of taking out of focus bird photos. Something tells me she will gladly put up with the latter if the former continues down the path to a full recovery.

Up to now the hummers at the feeder have been Anna's, but this morning a new kid showed up, fighting off the Anna's who normally are at the feeder. Looking at our bird book, it looks like it was a Costa, and it's pretty much the story of our stay here at Imperial Dam. Our last morning and two new birds show up. Maybe next time they won't wait so long to make an appearance.

Hard to believe it was only a week ago that we entered this intersection from a different direction to the sound of Linda providing her own unique brand of commentary in regards to my not acquiescing to her idea of the proper approach speed for the coach. Today she was positively beaming as I approached it, making the comment, "I see you learned your lesson about how fast to go." As for me, I just wondered what the conversation was like in the two vehicles that were following us at our snails pace. Perhaps it was something like, "There must be an old woman navigating that RV, since they don't know which way to go." Or maybe it was, "Wonder if the old woman in that RV has the map upside down." We will never know, but I can dream.

Today as we drove up to the Border Patrol check point on US-95 we were waved through with the comment, "Have a good day." The drive itself isn't long or hard, but one thing was very noticeable, there were almost more RV's heading towards us as there were cars and trucks. Linda looked at the bright side of it, meaning she thought that Quartzsite was really beginning to clear out, but for some reason she wasn't buying my comments about Quartzsite being so packed there was room for any more RV's. It's what I get for marrying such a smart girl who uses logic and thinks I usually don't know what I'm talking about. Wonder when she found me out?

We parked at the Scadden Wash 14 day free area, right up by the entrance, since we were only going to be here for two nights, then it was off to do some buying. One item was a rubber air hose to replace the coiled plastic one we had that had broken in two when I tried to use it yesterday. I'd bought that plastic one at WalMart several years ago, along with some quick connects which have pretty much stopped working. All junk from China of course. Today, the new rubber hose was made in the USA by Goodyear, and the replacement quick connects which were solid brass, were made in Taiwan. When will I learn that Made in China means You are Buying a Piece of Junk. Or maybe even more important, when will the world learn that lesson.

We thought about having a fire tonight as there was a fire ring near the coach. Okay, that's why we parked where we did, but neither of us were feeling 100 percent as of yet, so it was another early to bed night. It may not have been one of our better days, but it sure was better than those work days in our our former life.

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