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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Final preparations for South American trip

As I mentioned in my last post, all the photos are at the end of these blogs because of the program I'm using on my Tab. With that said today was our final preparation day as tomorrow we are leaving. As far as Linda was concerned the most important thing was making sure we had the irrigation system setup to water her plants. Of course the most important plant was the tomato that she hopes will be somewhat larger by the time we return. We put a loop of soaker hose around it then turned on the controller. That was followed by a large stream of water coming out of the half inch supply tubing. It seems Linda's husband forgot to plug a hole he punched into the tubing by mistake. Bad Bob.

Not one to leave things to the last minute, correction, according to Linda I am a leave things to the last minute person but she works to make sure that doesn't happen. Hard to believe but sometimes she is right. This was one of those jobs. I wanted to hard wire the Orbit irrigation controller to the GFI. Hopefully that would ensure that it didn't get disconnected or changed while we were gone. There's a story there about our summer trip and a very brown lawn but you'll just have to use your imagination. See what you missed when I didn't write this summer. With Linda's help it was an easy job plus I lost about a pound in terms of sweat. These 95 degree days will do that to you. Speaking of weight, our goal for the trip is to return at the same weight we are now. Linda seems to think my half of that is wishful thinking. We shall see. Fantasizing Bob.

Linda has been reminding me all week that I needed to take the tire monitors off the coach and the Cherokee then install the new tire covers she bought last week. Since we are leaving tomorrow and I'm doing it today I told her I hadn't waited to the last minute. The look I got made me think she didn't believe me. Doghouse Bob.

Hard to believe that we're turning over a new leaf about packing. It started with our trip this winter to Norway when we had our bags packed a day early. As you can see one of us had our bags packed a day early the other one was still working on packing his bag. I'll let you guess who it was that wasn't completely packed. This is the first time in over 8 years of travel that we will be checking our bags rather than carrying them on. That's not because they're too heavy or big, they'er just like we always pack at less than 20 pounds each. With this being a new to us way of traveling,that is, by only going on tour rather than traveling on our own and OAT making all the travel arrangements, though we did ask them to adjust the time between flights to make sure we wouldn't be rushed, we decided to live life on the travel edge and check our bags. When we get to Santiago we will know whether we made a good choice or not.

As you can tell from the final photo, I did all the hard work and Linda just sat around. Okay, okay she didn't really sit around, she was also hard at work I'll have to admit. I did ask if she had confirmed our flights to which she said something about was I going to do anything today. This came after I've been slaving away all morning and early afternoon doing all the above last minute jobs. Women certainly are hard to please. I do need to report she did do something, she not only confirmed our flights but got our boarding passes printed out. This is a first for our international flights. See how good she does when I get after her. Badly Battered Bob.

That's it for this post the next one should come to you from Santiago, Chile.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip!! Looking forward to your posts!!!!

  2. So looking forward to your posts and photos! Have a wonderful time!