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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Goodbye to Easter Island Oct 26, 2016

This afternoon we say goodbye to Easter Island and return to Santiago.  While the flight to the Island took five hours, the return flight is only 4 1/2 hours thanks to the prevailing winds. Those same winds that propelled the large rafts of the Polynesian people when they originally sailed across the Pacific to Easter Island. Just think these so called primitive people were were sailing over a third of the world while the so called civilized and learned Europeans clung to their harbors for fear falling off the edge of the world.
A photo of Linda beside a statue. When you can get this close to a statue it has to be a reprodution, unless you don't read the signs, that is. In this case it actually is a reprodution.
Linda, the tab top girl did her best to reduce the number of tabs on the Island.  She found more tabs by themselves than she ever has. She's picked up enough of them I just hope she doesn't get cited for importing aluminum without a commercial license. Bail Bondsman Bob.
Our main activity of the day was getting lost walking up a steep winding road to the archeological musem we were trying to find. Linda had the map and I was insisting we had missed it. I could tell from the look in her eye that I needed be quiet or I was likely to loss some important part of my anatomy. Just then a car stopped and we learned we should have turned off this road onto a side road way back down the hill. Getting out my Tab, I fired up and shortly thereafter we at least knew where we needed to be and how to get there. I so badly wanted to make a remark about how good getting lost had been to getting in our much needed daily walking miles, but wisely kept my mouth shut. All Body Parts Intact Bob.
Linda took a serious number of photos at the museum, which turned to be not only excellent, with almost all the signs in English besides Spanish, but it was also free. I guess Linda was fixated on male anatomy today as she called me over to look at this statue fragment of the male posterior. Then I find a photo of it when I download her camera. Why is it she can take "butt shots" but I can't? Puzzled Bob.
Another Linda photo. This is the statue we saw at the British Museum in March. Here it was just a photo on a display of some the statues that are no longer on the Island.  In one way, the sad part is that the one in the Brit is in far better shape than those on the Island. On the other hand, would it have been as well preserved if it had remained here.
The dogs on the Island are so sweet. This one attached itself to Joe, Brenda and Judy from our group while they were enjoying some ice cream and frozen yogurt. My money would be on the dog also enjoying some dessert after we left.
The colorful boat photo is for our good friend John who taught us to appreciate the remarkable plethora of colors often present in marinas. It reminded us of are travels in France two years ago.
And at last we come to the end of our time on the Island. We are sad to go, but at the same time looking forward to the rest of our trip, though we could do without spending time in Buenos Aires, words that I wll undoubtedly have to eat after our time there. Travel does so very much to absolutely destroy our preconceived notions about places and people, you'd think by now I'd know better that to write those words. Just think, if I didn't put my foot in my mouth or get Linda lost more times than not, our Life and my writings would be very boring. Goodbye Easter Island, Linda and I are better human beings for having spent time on you soil, with your people and immersed in your history.

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  1. My husband and I have been following your travels for literally, years...
    Just popping on to let you know you should be able to click on each'll turn a clear blue...look at the bottom and you'll see "Add a Caption" for whatever photo you clicked on.
    Hope it works for you and be safe!