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Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane Oct 21, 2016

AS before I need to say that because I'm using the Blogger app all the photos are at the end of the post, so each paragraph basically talks about a different photo. I haven't got it worked out yet if I just write without mentioning the photo or not. So if you get lost don't be afraid to tell me what you'd like.
The first photo is a picture of our coach and our bags siphotof in front it's what it didn't show the most interesting. We were ready early for once then Roger and Dianne, who are giving us a lift to the airport pulled in and at that moment I put the key in the door to lock the coach. Unfortunately when I went to remove the key from the deadbolt lock it didn't, as in it didn't come out no matter how hard I pulled or Linda pulled. Finally I opened a bay door, got out a pair of pliers and with a wiggle or two it came right out. Next was a couple of posts of graphite and it worked like a charm. Don't you just love it when the only problem you'll have on the entire trip is the very first thing you encounter!
I know they say the women in South America are among the most beautiful in the world, still it's nice to know my travel companion is going to up grade that beauty level even more. Lucky Bob.
There was always one  thing we did whever we flew, but I can't say  that anymore. Today for the first time we have actually checked our bags.  no don't get the idea we have exceeded the dimensions or weight for carry-ons because as always very far under,  it's just that since  we won't be traveling on our own at all this trip we decided this would just be easier. Besides, if our luggage doesn't get to Santiago the tour company take care of it. Dreamer Bob.
Just in case anyone was wondering if we really were taking another trip, our trademark selfie should answer the question. The most amazing thing was that I only had to take four selfie before she how gives her stamp of approval to my photos did just that. Why it it that I have to take multiple photos of her before one is approved, yet when she takes a photo of me, only one is ever needed. Could it be that yours truly is so handsome and photogenic only one is needed for that perfect photo? Decidedly Delusional Bob.
Our overnight flight to Santiago out of Dallas was on completely full 787, meaning there was someone in the seat between us. It made for fit full night of sleep. At least the seat had an easily accessible electrical outlet.
All to soon the overhead lights came on an what passed for breakfast was served. 3:30 is a little early to wake up even Mr. Early To Rise And Shine. I'll not even comment on how Linda felt about her night's non-sleep, or the early morning breakfast, etc. as it is possible that young children may read this. 

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