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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flying Home and a Few Facts - May 29, 2017


Our flight took off at 12:30 AM and I was so tired it looks like I didn’t take a single photo once we left for the airport. This is our luggage in Houston. We used our Global Entry to fly through customs, very little wait at all, once we figured out how to use the machine.


Somewhere over Hidalgo County descending to the airport. By now it was almost 1 PM, making for a very long 30 hours since we awakened yesterday morning. It was great to see the faces of our neighbors, Roger and Stewart, who left the Retama men’s luncheon that was being held nearby, to pick us up. And so ended another wonderful trip, with more places checked off our bucket list.

Some statistics from the trip.
Days gone: 23 days (our shortest overseas trip ever)
Modes of transportation: Plane, train, bus, boat, canoe, panga
Number of flights: 11
Number of photos to go through: 13,377
Video clips: 660 totaling just over 20 hours
Number of OH's and AH’s: Incalculable
Value of the trip: Priceless

Bob’s best moment: 1. Cavorting in the water with a sea lion 2. Viewing Machu Picchu from the trail to the Sun Gate

Linda’s best moment: 1. Just “Being” at Machu Picchu!!  2. Seeing the “Giant Tortoise” in the wild in the Galapagos. 3.  Snorkeling and a sea lion swishes buy!

Bob’s worst moment: Seeing Linda panic the first time she went over the side of the panga with her mask and snorkel on, and the mad swim to reach her side. She couldn’t get her breath for a brief time, but was soon okay, thank goodness.

Linda’s worst moment: The last night (midnight on) and morning on the catamaran at the end of the Galapagos trip, even though we were anchored in a bay the swales were ‘almost’ more than I could handle.