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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Off on Another Trip – Sept. 25, 2018

It seems like every fall we are off on a trip somewhere overseas. I have begun to think that Linda likes to celebrate our wedding anniversary in non traditional places. As far as this trip is concerned, in the words of our friend Dianne, we are “going all over.” Now if I can just find time and the internet gods are willing, there will once again be posts on most , if not all days. Otherwise, I’ll just have to label myself, Bad Bob.


All ready to leave, but with several things different from past trips. No longer is the coach in the background, but we are really loving our new to us home.The pretty girl is the same as always, the bags in front of her are different. She has a we daypack, a zipper on her old one (my old, old one) broke and the manufacture replaced the daypack. She was happy for that, but would have preferred some color other than black. Poor Linda.

The other new items are our luggage.. This trip it is duffle bags. There is a tour coming up along the way and the tour company sent out these duffle bags for tour members to use. It is only part of our travels, the good thing being they hold more than our usual bags, the bad thing being they look like they will be a pain to pull around. We shall see, we shall see.


Lest you think these posts just automagically appear, here is Linda’s “Yes Dear” slaving away writing while waiting at the McAllen airport. As I was writing Linda was on the phone trying to make sure we were signed up for several optional tours for one of the  two guided tours we are going on.


Later in the day at DFW airport. Happy wife. We are registered for those optional; tours, she is up to date in checking out the new posts on Facebook and the flight to London is on time. The last time we were taking this flight it was cancelled, hence the huge smile.


All settled in for our flight to Heathrow. We always upgrade to premium economy on these long haul flights and the extra leg and seat room is great.


Good grub also. Even have cloth napkins. The best part of the meal was that Linda didn’t want anymore than one small bite of her chocolate mousse pie. That meant I not only had mine, but also hers. Happy Bob.

It was an eight and a half hour flight with a six hour time change. Not much sleep time what with drink service, later meal service, then tomorrow morning, breakfast service. It will be interesting just how lively we are tomorrow. The one thing we won’t do is take a nap. By staying awake and up into the evening we should be pretty much on London time by the following day. It’s just that the less young we get, the harder it is to do. Age seems to catch up in more ways than one expects.

At least I was able to write a post for today, though it wasn’t all that easy, but that is actually a story for tomorrows post, if I can remember to tell it. Tired Bob and Linda.

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